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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stupid Things You See In The Gym - Neck Buster, Back Blowouts and Shoulder Shenanigans

In case you missed the first Stupid Things You See In The Gym post check it out here.  This first one is absolutely nuts, I saw it a couple months back at 24 hour fitness here in Pleasanton (I apologize in advance since the background music didn't get reduced properly...turn up the volume and you can still hear the details)...basically the dude couldn't clear his head with the huge 90 lb dumbbell and instead of asking for a spot allowed it to rest on the top of his head.  Guess he was hoping to make himself shorter or perhaps confine himself to a wheelchair.  Check this out...

Check out the rest of this post for three more episodes of stupid things you see in the gym...

If you've ever been to a gym you've certainly seen this one with dumbbell biceps curls or perhaps with a barbell curls as well.  A complete waste of time and a low back injury just waiting to happen!

Here's another horrendous example of what many people do in the gym...straight leg deadlifts with a rounded back and locked knees...women are often just as guilty as men on this one.  It's a great one if you want to grow the income of your chiropractor or local back surgeon.  Find out what's wrong and how to do it right...and whether or not you should even be doing this one.

Last but not least another one of those pesky rotator cuff exercises gone bad.  It's amazing how many people do this with absolutely no idea that it's basically worthless for their rotator cuff (btw it's cuff not cup...I've heard this come out of people's mouth).  These are small muscles designed to stabilize the most mobile joint in your don't want to train them like you train your legs.  Find out how to properly train the rotator cuff...

Come back next week for another round of stupid things you see in the gym!

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