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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pull Ups - How to Do Them at Home - Even If You Have Never Done Them Before

Most people I've run into are not able to do a pull-up, however almost anyone can build up to doing so with the right training and instruction.  I've put together several videos which should help you out whether you can already do some pull-ups but want to do more or have never been able to do pull-ups and want to do that first one.  I split them up into several videos so you can watch them in a short amount of time when you have a few minutes.

This first one will tell you about the things you'll need if you want to do pull-ups at home.  The equipment mentioned in this first video can be found on amazon.  Here is the easily removable Iron Gym pull-up bar along with the more permanent ... bar that mounts to the door frame with brackets.

The second video shows you how to use a pull-up assistance band which will be very important if you are not able to currently do a full pull-up with proper form.  The band mentioned here is the Perfect Fitness Pull-Up Assistance Band.

This third video is the one where I discuss and demonstrate proper pull-up technique along with tips on how you can improve your pull-up strength using techniques you likely have never been taught before.

Hopefully with the assistance of these videos and the tips and instructions they contain you'll be able to either do your first pull-up or improve your current pull-up strength and form.  If you have further questions about pull-ups just post a comment and I will do my best to answer them.

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