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Monday, November 18, 2013

52 Fitness Myths that Won't Go Away

There are plenty of fitness myths that I hear over and over again, whether it be from clients or from people in general.  It's key to your progress that you get these nonsensical ideas out of your brain forever.  Believing these myths to be fact will keep you from making progress.  Please don't let me hear these come out of your mouth or else!

1.  If you stop working out your muscles will turn to fat.

2.  Squatting past parallel is bad for your knees.

3.  Too much protein will damage your kidneys.

4.  Saturated fat is bad for you.

5.  Red meat is bad for you and will cause heart disease.

6.  Don't let your knees go past your toes on a squat or lunge.

7.  You need to do cardio to lose fat.

8.  High reps is for toning.

9.  Low reps will make you get big.

10.  Heavy weight will make you get big and bulky.

11.  Organic food isn't better for you.

12.  Tap water is healthy.

13.  You should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

14.  Sports drinks are good to use during workouts.

15.  Gluten free is a fad.

16.  Gluten free is healthier.

17.  Grains are essential for good health.

18.  Salt makes your blood pressure increase.

19.  Everything in moderation is the key to health.

20.  Your body needs sugar to function.

21.  Eating lots of fruit is healthy.

22.  You can't build much muscle when you're over 40.

23.  Being really sore is a sign of a great workout.

24.  Aerobic capacity directly correlates to cardiovascular health.

25.  Eating fat makes you fat.

26.  Cutting calories is the way to lose fat and tone up.

27.  A calorie is a calorie.

28.  Crunches will give you a six-pack.

29.  Ab exercises will give you a six-pack.

30.  Juice is a healthy beverage.

31.  Functional training will make you more functional.

32.  Being an endurance athlete is good for your health.

33.  Spin classes are good for toning your legs.

34.  Decline bench press is for the lower pecs.

35.  You should keep your eyes on the ceiling when doing a crunch.

36.  Just because someone has worked out for a long time makes them an expert.

37.  If someone works out a lot they are a good trainer.

38.  Eating a high carb low fat diet is healthy.

39.  You can get all your nutrients from food alone.

40.  Smoothies are a healthy meal.

41.  The speed at which you do a weight training exercise doesn't matter.

42.  Use light weights if you don't want to get bulky.

43.  Just go by feel when deciding what your workout will be on any particular day.

44.  Carb loading the day before a big endurance event is good for you.

45.  Cereal is a healthy breakfast food.

46.  Doing weight training workouts on unstable surfaces uses more muscles.

47.  Cardio machines are good because they are easy on your joints.

48.  Caffeine will dehydrate you.

49.  Certain foods are always healthy for everyone.

50.  Healthy food doesn't taste good.

51.  Your genetics are the biggest factor in determining whether you're fat.

52.  Genetics don't have any impact on whether you're a great athlete, it's all hard work.

53.  Humans were designed to be endurance athletes.

In future posts I'll go through and provide a brief explanation of you know the real truth that's hiding behind these myths.

I just had to add this photo, which I saw this past Friday at 24 hour fitness in Pleasanton...there's a first time for everything...when you think you've seen it haven't!

A Little Extreme Perhaps?

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