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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scary Stupid Things You See In The Gym

Today is Halloween so I thought I'd share with you a few videos demonstrating some downright scary stupid exercise techniques you see in most gyms on a regular basis.  Check out this craziness...the sad thing is the individuals doing this are usually in reasonable shape...give them a few years though and see how many injuries they have racked up!

This one is certainly my favorite...I actually saw a guy doing this recently...the scary thing was another guy who appeared to be his brother (based on looks) was doing the same thing!

This next one is really common...many times because of poor flexibility in the hamstrings and the use of way too much weight on the exercise!  It makes me cringe!

Last but not least you typically see some of the most buff looking guys doing this "shoulder shrug" variation that is thrashing their neck and making them look like a neanderthal.

Oops I almost forgot to include the weighted neck crunch...another pointless exercise...especially with the crazy amount of weight the guy I saw doing it using.  There are a lot better ways to strengthen your neck than putting a 25lb plate on your forehead and flexing your neck.

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