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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Discover How Anyone Can Do Push Ups and Get Stronger

Have you always been frustrated by the fact that you can't do a push-up?

Or, can you do push-ups but are looking to increase the difficulty beyond just doing more repetitions?

Today I have a couple videos that will show you how to properly perform several push-up variations as well as how to work on building up your strength in specific parts of the push-up movement.  Maybe you have a hard time pushing yourself up from the bottom position or perhaps are looking for a way to challenge yourself further but aren't able or interested in trying 1 arm push ups just yet.

Here are the videos that will quickly show you how to get the maximum benefit from push-ups right now.

Take a look...this first video shows you several push-up variations.

In this second video I demonstrate a couple techniques for breaking through your weak points on push-ups.

I'll be posting several more push-up variation videos in the next couple of stay tuned!

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