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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sushi Hanabi Pleasanton - Healthy Menu Choices

Sushi Hanabi Pleasanton –  I ate at Sushi Hanabi this past pretty much any Asian restaurant there are hundreds of items on the menu.  However, selecting the best items, if you're looking to lose fat is not that difficult.  As I've done in the past, with similar restaurants, I'll address the menu in sections to avoid the confusion of going through the huge number of items on the menu.

While you certainly can find things that are reasonable, in terms of fat loss, if you really want to lose fat and get healthier you need to be preparing your own food at home 99% of the time.  The reason is, no matter how organic, fresh, natural blah blah blah the restaurant claims to be; the reality is they are in business to make money and thus they need to use the most cost effective ingredients that taste good.  Healthy food that tastes good is not only not cheap, but it doesn't keep for long...and when you want someone else to prepare and serve you the cost is even higher.  I hear it all the time, oh such and such is a good restaurant because the food looks and tastes flash...they can make anything look and taste good with the right chemicals so these are by no means a good ways to judge the quality of a restaurant.  Bottom line is, if you are serious about losing fat you need to avoid going out to eat as much as possible.  Realistically speaking, however, I know most people around Pleasanton are going to go out to eat, and this is why I do this series on what to eat at local restaurants.  Though, I thought it would be inappropriate not to mention the reality that regular restaurant going is highly detrimental to fat loss.

The above has no more to do with Sushi Hanabi than any other restaurant...just something I felt was important to mention.

Before you head out to Sushi Hanabi in the Del Valle Shopping Center on Main in Pleasantoncheck out my choices below from their menu. 

Sushi Hanabi Menu

This is my plate - Nigiri Combo
Their menu looks daunting because of the many options.  Let me simplify for you.

Appetizers You'll see many options here that say deep fried...avoid all of them.  The Yaki Niku (beef skewers with onion) is one option.  The Sashimi appetizers would be ok as well.

Salad & Soup - most of these are good options, just ask for no dressing/sauce (this is always where you run into issues as everything has a sauce...think sugar).  Avoid the rice, and while miso soup can be ok (it's one of the only forms of soy that is acceptable, if it's properly fermented, I have no idea if there miso is or not), I did have the soup and it didn't seem to bother me.  However, just to be safe I would avoid it as you have no idea the quality of the broth ingredients.  Just to note, I noticed that they had a can of Kirkland Canola Oil spray they were using...likely an indication they are using other bad oils.  Canola oil is a heavily processed, highly damaged, rancid vegetable oil that you should never use or consume!  Use raw grass fed butter, lard (this is not unhealthy despite the nonsense you hear from mainstream media and medical people) from properly raised pigs or coconut oil, for cooking

miso and green salad (I had these)
From the Kitchen- The Single Plate options do have plenty of protein, the issue is they basically all have some kind of sauce or marinade, definitely don't get the tempura(aka fried) I may go for the Saba Shioyaki (grilled mackerel).  Avoid the Udon options as these are all wheat noodles (fast digesting carbs that likely irritate your digestive system).  It's amazing how many people say they aren't allergic or sensitive to wheat or related foods.  This is largely due to the fact that they don't realize what this doesn't mean you have an anaphylactic attack...  When you eat you shouldn't be getting a runny nose, phlegm, cough or uncomfortable rumblings in your stomach...if so you likely are sensitive to something you are eating.The chicken donburi would be an ok option, just don't eat all of the rice.

From the Sushi Bar- Pretty much any of these will be an ok choice, just minimize the amount of sauce and rice you eat.

Hanabi Special Roll - Well there are 30 of them to choose from, always an insane number of options, many of them have sauces, cheese and other things you don't need.  Thus I would say avoid the rolls and just get the sashimi from the previous section..or pick from the a la carte menu on the back of the menu.  If you notice tempura or deep fried in the roll description move on to the next one.  Summer Time, Lion King, Pink Dragon, Crazy Monkey, 49er's Roll and Andy's Choice look to be the best options amongst the rolls. 

On the A la Carte section avoid the tuna, albacore, vegetarian options and anything that says fried or tempura.  I would likely get the salmon.  In the hand roll section avoid the tuna, albacore and fried options.

sashimi dinner

For beverages, like always either water, or hot tea (do not add real/fake sugar) soda, milk, wine, beer, sake or anything else containing sugar (yes these all have sugar, diet is unacceptable as well).  It's of course your choice if you want to drink the other beverages, just know you won't be losing fat anytime soon...unfortunately that's reality.

Don't even look at the dessert menu.

Leave a comment on what you choose at Sushi Hanabi when you're trying to lose fat!

Check out the Sushi Hanabi yelp page - Sushi Hanabi Restaurant Pleasanton

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