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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sultan's Kebab - Pleasanton Mediterranean Food - Healthy Menu Choices

Sultan's Kebab Pleasanton –  When it comes to fat loss and eating at restaurants, Mediterranean places like Sultan's are among the best options.  Here, as in most Mediterranean restaurants, there are plenty of high protein options.  However, you do have to watch out for the sauces, dips and toppings that tend have the items you want to avoid.  Namely, vegetable oils, easily digested sugars, additives, flavorings and other ingredients that will sabotage your efforts to lose fat. 

Many people complain that eating healthy is boring and restrictive, I say feeling like crap and being unhealthy is way more's all about choices...and you can't have both.  People like to make exceptions and excuses to justify having their sweets, but then complain and act puzzled when they can't seem to lose fat.  It's not complicated, modern eating is unhealthy and unless you are willing to buck the norm you won't have much success when it comes to losing fat or preventing health problems.  I hear people say they just can't go without such and such thought is, if you can't say no to something then your yes means little.  It's really no different than any other addiction...addicts always make excuses and justify what they do.  You crave the things you do largely because of physiological needs that aren't being met due to poor lifestyle and eating habits that have been developed over a long period of time.  Breaking these habits is not a quick and easy proposition, but you must first acknowledge that progress will be minimal at best until you do begin to change.  Making healthy choices at restaurants, while only one component of fat loss, is a key step that everyone who wants to lose fat must take if they are to have success.  As with other addictions, the details do matter, you can't just have a little and think you'll be alright...particularly when you are just starting.

Before you head out to Sultan's Kebab off Koll Center Parkway across from Safeway on Bernal in Pleasantoncheck out my choices below from their menu. 

Sultan's Kebab Menu

Combo Shawarma Salad
Their menu is pretty simple, and easy to navigate if you're looking to lose fat.  Focus on proteins and non-starchy vegetables while forgoing any liquid calories.  These are the keys to fat loss.

Appetizers Their are a few options here that would be alright, assuming you eat them after you eat your protein...possibly the Piyaz and Tabbouleh.  Avoid the others for sure.

Salads & Soup - as always, avoid the soup as you don't know what they put in the broth...remember bad oils and other "flavoring" ingredients cause inflammation and counteract your fat loss efforts.  As for the salads, I would recommend the Shawarma or Shish can get chicken, lamb or a combo.  With salads, as with any dish, it's making sure you get adequate protein and fat prior to getting the vegetables.  And, don't forget to get any dressings on the side, then use sparingly if at all.  All commercially available dressings contain unhealthy oil, lots of added calories and other unknowns.

Vegetarian Wraps- The heading gives you everything you need to know, avoid this section, as it's vegetarian.  Getting carbohydrates without animal protein and fat is a sure recipe to get fatter not leaner.  If you want to learn more about why this is so read my recent How Do You Get Fat post.

Non-Vegetarian Wraps-  while there are plenty of selections here that have protein, you definitely don't need the wrap, so instead opt for the non-vegetarian plates.

Chicken Kebab

Vegetarian Plates-  the same as with the vegetarian wraps, avoid these as they don't have significant protein, just carbohydrates, and you aren't doing yourself any fat loss favors by eating carbs with no protein.

Non-Vegetarian Plates- you can select from any of these non-vegetarian plate options as they all have plenty of thing to note, these are served with rice, hummus and pita avoid these extras...instead just order one of the veggie appetizers or a salad to have with your plate.

Beverages and Desserts -  Stay with water, their fountain drinks and juices are liquid sugar and will sabotage your fat loss.  While that Baklava and Kunefe may look tempting...if you are after fat loss don't even think about them

Leave a comment on what you choose at Sultan's Kebab when you're trying to lose fat!

Check out the Sultan's Kebab website - Sultan's Kebab Mediterranean

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