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Thursday, August 22, 2013

La Vite - Pleasanton Italian Restaurant - Menu Selection

La Vite Pleasanton –  Not that you should be going out to eat frequently if you're trying to lose fat, because you shouldn't be for a variety of reasons.  The main reason being you really have very little idea what you are getting (hidden oils, mediocre ingredients and other hidden flavorings etc).  Particularly, as is obvious if you've read any of my previous local Italian restaurant reviews (Barones, Strizzis, Pastas), places whose menus centers around refined grain (i.e. pasta in this case).  Never-the-less if you find yourself going to La Vite or any of the local Italian places (Forno Vecchio, Fontina, Baci), of which there are many - I hope my suggestions help you figure out something you can eat and not feel like you are totally blowing your diet.  With that said, La Vite is a nice hidden place to go in Pleasanton, if you don't know where it is you would hardly stumble upon it (in the plaza next to the Sports Park).  In the past I've just stuck with salads topped with one type of meat or another...pretty much the only thing you can get if you're serious about fat loss (you have to avoid quick digesting carbs).  I do also mention the better options in the pasta sections in case you feel you have to have it or if it's your cheat meal of the week.

Before you head out to La Vite Ristorante in Pleasantoncheck out my choices below from their menu.

La Vite Menu

Lunch/Dinner (the only difference is the pricing and perhaps portions)

Appetizers – None are ideal...though the eggplant parmesan or calamari may be acceptable if you avoid the bread and sauce.  On the dinner menu the mussels could be an option just request the sauce separately.

Soup & Salads - this is the section you want to look to for the best options.  Avoid the soup (you have no idea how the broth is made, liquid calories).  Make sure to request the dressing on the side.  I've had the Spinach salad, just make sure to add meat to it (not the breaded steak).  The Mediterranean and Chicken Florentine would be ok as well.

Panini- Skip right on by this sandwich section...or you could order without the bread...perhaps a lettuce wrap.  Opt for the side salad with oil and vinegar if anything...and definitely get it on the side.

Pasta & Chicken, Seafood or Veal-  Here are the better choices if you feel you absolutely need pasta. Keep in mind you really shouldn't have any pasta...Ragu or Mondo Bizarro in the Pasta section; Chicken Piccata in the Pasta & Chicken section; Lacapriciossa or Salmon Dijon in the Pasta & Seafood;  and Veal Piccata in the Pasta & Veal section.  Request that they bring you the sauce in a separate dish then you can decide how much you use.

Leave a comment on what you choose at La Vite when you're trying to lose fat!

Check out La Vite's website - La Vite Restaurant

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