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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eddie Papas Pleasanton - All American Comfort Food - Healthy Options?

Eddie Papas Pleasanton –  While they have many fat loss friendly options, you'll have to be careful when eating at this local eatery.  As with almost all restaurants, you'll want to avoid the bread, sauces and other hidden calories in dressings and beverages.  They do make mention that they accommodate gluten free individuals and others with food allergy concerns.  You'll be fine if you follow the fat loss eating rules I make mention of throughout these Pleasanton Restaurant posts, and in my Why You Get and What to Do About It post.  Keep in mind that this series on restaurants isn't meant to imply that you should regularly go out to eat, but rather to give you ideas about better choices when and if you do go out to eat.  Ideally, as you probably realize, for the most effective fat loss, you should eat food you prepare.

Before you head out to Eddie Papas American Hangout in Pleasantoncheck out my choices below from their menu.

Best Protein Bars Available

Eddie Papas Menu

avoid the dressing and that stuff in the background ;)
Their menu is pretty simple, and easy to navigate if you're looking to lose fat.  Focus on proteins and non-starchy vegetables while forgoing any liquid calories.  These are the keys to fat loss.

Appetizers As great as many of these may really should skip over this section.  If you just have to have an appetizer go with Hawaiian Poke or Southwestern Honey Chipotle Wings...but really just avoid this section.

Soups - browse right past this section, liquid calories that you can't be sure of.

Salads- Any of the salads would be an ok choice - some have very little protein and thus should be eaten with another meat based entree.  The dressing is always a killer, so get it on the side, and eat little or none of the dressing.  The Hollywood Cobb or Seattle Seafood would be best.

Red White and Blue Sandwiches-  here you will run into way too much bread and then all of the toppings.  If you're trying to lose fat you really should avoid the sandwich section.  However, for those of you who just have to have a sandwich - there really is little reason you have to - eat only half the bread, ask for gluten free bread or a lettuce wrap.  The best choice here are the Hawaiian fish tacos.  Everything in this section come with fries and cole slaw, you should avoid both and perhaps ask for a small side salad instead.

fish tacos

Iconic American Entrees-  this is where you should select your food if you really are looking for fat loss.  The best options would be the Kona Braised Short Ribs, New York Strip Steak, Sedona Red Rocks Chicken or Vermont Maple Pork Chop.  Watch out for the sauces some of these include - just remove the sauce as much as you can and eat away.  Remember to always eat your protein first to keep blood sugar stable and insulin levels under control.  These are the keys to sustained fat loss.

pork chop

Jumping to the Seafood, Pasta and Vegetarian section - the Maui Sesame Crusted Ahi would be the best option.  Certainly avoid the pasta, mac and cheese and veggie only options.

ahi tuna...avoid that sauce

Regional Brunch Favorites- there are a number of good options if you go for breakfast here on the weekends only...including the Crab and Avocado Omelette along with the Colonial Corned Beef Hash and Eggs.  A few of the other options could be modified to make them more fat loss in avoiding the bread or tortilla

Old Fashioned Soda Fountain -  You should avoid all of these sugary drinks and stick with may be "boring" to some, but if you want to lose fat you can't drink sugar water. 

Leave a comment on what you choose at Eddie Papas when you're trying to lose fat!

Check out Eddie Papas website - Eddie Papas American Hangout

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