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Saturday, August 31, 2013

3 Minute Shoulder Shaping Workout

If you like the workout head over to my Done in 5 Fitness site for new workouts each day.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What's a Healthy Breakfast? - It's Not What You May Think

Not So Fast Buddy

I'm constantly asked by clients and other people what they should eat for breakfast.  Then when I give them the answer they give me a strange look, say something like "I just can't eat xyz in the morning", or  have no response (typically a way of saying I think you're crazy, there's no way I'm going to eat that, but I'm not going to say it to your face).  The reality is this - you can choose to eat whatever you want for breakfast, just be prepared to accept the consequences.

If you're like most people, you have a certain idea of what constitutes acceptable breakfast fare and are highly resistant to eating anything that falls outside of that norm.  Typically it's whatever you grew up eating or what the media has convinced you to eat, healthy or not.  Instead of me telling you eat this, don't eat that, lets look a little closer at what a huge majority of people eat for breakfast.  In light of my How You Get Fat series of articles, it should quite quickly become abundantly clear as to what is healthy and what is not...especially with regards to fat loss.

Lets look some very common breakfast selections and how they stack up in terms of nutrients and effects on fat loss...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

La Vite - Pleasanton Italian Restaurant - Menu Selection

La Vite Pleasanton –  Not that you should be going out to eat frequently if you're trying to lose fat, because you shouldn't be for a variety of reasons.  The main reason being you really have very little idea what you are getting (hidden oils, mediocre ingredients and other hidden flavorings etc).  Particularly, as is obvious if you've read any of my previous local Italian restaurant reviews (Barones, Strizzis, Pastas), places whose menus centers around refined grain (i.e. pasta in this case).  Never-the-less if you find yourself going to La Vite or any of the local Italian places (Forno Vecchio, Fontina, Baci), of which there are many - I hope my suggestions help you figure out something you can eat and not feel like you are totally blowing your diet.  With that said, La Vite is a nice hidden place to go in Pleasanton, if you don't know where it is you would hardly stumble upon it (in the plaza next to the Sports Park).  In the past I've just stuck with salads topped with one type of meat or another...pretty much the only thing you can get if you're serious about fat loss (you have to avoid quick digesting carbs).  I do also mention the better options in the pasta sections in case you feel you have to have it or if it's your cheat meal of the week.

Before you head out to La Vite Ristorante in Pleasantoncheck out my choices below from their menu.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Eat a Meal for Fat Loss - Do You Have it Backwards?

Want to look like this?
So you want to lose weight (you mean fat)?


You’re all motivated and ready to go…but then you have to eat!  Not such a problem until now…I mean, when you’re not in the weight loss mode, if you’re like most people, you just eat whatever is easy.  But now you realize things are no longer that way…that is, if you really are serious about losing weight.

There are so many mixed messages these days, it’s confusing, frustrating and likely has caused you to give up many times.  Especially with the Internet, where there are as many views on eating for weight loss as there are people.  So you’re left with the nagging question – “What really is the best way to eat a meal for fat loss?”.

If you’ve read my series on Why You Get Fat, you likely have some idea of how to eat for fat loss.  But in an effort to make it as simple as possible, I’m going to tell you the way to eat a meal that works best for most people who want to lose fat.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eddie Papas Pleasanton - All American Comfort Food - Healthy Options?

Eddie Papas Pleasanton –  While they have many fat loss friendly options, you'll have to be careful when eating at this local eatery.  As with almost all restaurants, you'll want to avoid the bread, sauces and other hidden calories in dressings and beverages.  They do make mention that they accommodate gluten free individuals and others with food allergy concerns.  You'll be fine if you follow the fat loss eating rules I make mention of throughout these Pleasanton Restaurant posts, and in my Why You Get and What to Do About It post.  Keep in mind that this series on restaurants isn't meant to imply that you should regularly go out to eat, but rather to give you ideas about better choices when and if you do go out to eat.  Ideally, as you probably realize, for the most effective fat loss, you should eat food you prepare.

Before you head out to Eddie Papas American Hangout in Pleasantoncheck out my choices below from their menu.

Best Protein Bars Available

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why You Get Fat – And What To Do About It – Part V

There are no secrets

In Part I of Why You Get Fat, I discussed the issues with and history of the calories in calories out and eat less exercise more mantras of fat loss, Part II of Why You Get Fat was dedicated to dispelling the myth that the answer to fat loss is cutting calories, Part III of Why You Get Fat showed that exercise alone isn’t the answer and Part IV of Why You Get Fat explained the real reasons people get fat.  

If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest you go back and read the previous posts in the series before reading this fifth and final post that explains what you really need to do if you want to lose fat permanently.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sultan's Kebab - Pleasanton Mediterranean Food - Healthy Menu Choices

Sultan's Kebab Pleasanton –  When it comes to fat loss and eating at restaurants, Mediterranean places like Sultan's are among the best options.  Here, as in most Mediterranean restaurants, there are plenty of high protein options.  However, you do have to watch out for the sauces, dips and toppings that tend have the items you want to avoid.  Namely, vegetable oils, easily digested sugars, additives, flavorings and other ingredients that will sabotage your efforts to lose fat. 

Many people complain that eating healthy is boring and restrictive, I say feeling like crap and being unhealthy is way more's all about choices...and you can't have both.  People like to make exceptions and excuses to justify having their sweets, but then complain and act puzzled when they can't seem to lose fat.  It's not complicated, modern eating is unhealthy and unless you are willing to buck the norm you won't have much success when it comes to losing fat or preventing health problems.  I hear people say they just can't go without such and such thought is, if you can't say no to something then your yes means little.  It's really no different than any other addiction...addicts always make excuses and justify what they do.  You crave the things you do largely because of physiological needs that aren't being met due to poor lifestyle and eating habits that have been developed over a long period of time.  Breaking these habits is not a quick and easy proposition, but you must first acknowledge that progress will be minimal at best until you do begin to change.  Making healthy choices at restaurants, while only one component of fat loss, is a key step that everyone who wants to lose fat must take if they are to have success.  As with other addictions, the details do matter, you can't just have a little and think you'll be alright...particularly when you are just starting.

Before you head out to Sultan's Kebab off Koll Center Parkway across from Safeway on Bernal in Pleasantoncheck out my choices below from their menu. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Do You Really Get Fat? – Here is the Answer - Part IV

You’ve heard it over and over a million times…you’re eating more than you burn off


Thanks Mr. Obvious. 

So many people walk around acting like experts in the area of fat loss, from personal trainers to dieticians, to your next-door neighbor.  Their advice is always the same…cut back on what you’re eating and become more active…the catch is, as I’ve said in Part I, II and III of this series…THIS DOES NOT WORK AND IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO FAT LOSS

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sushi Hanabi Pleasanton - Healthy Menu Choices

Sushi Hanabi Pleasanton –  I ate at Sushi Hanabi this past pretty much any Asian restaurant there are hundreds of items on the menu.  However, selecting the best items, if you're looking to lose fat is not that difficult.  As I've done in the past, with similar restaurants, I'll address the menu in sections to avoid the confusion of going through the huge number of items on the menu.

While you certainly can find things that are reasonable, in terms of fat loss, if you really want to lose fat and get healthier you need to be preparing your own food at home 99% of the time.  The reason is, no matter how organic, fresh, natural blah blah blah the restaurant claims to be; the reality is they are in business to make money and thus they need to use the most cost effective ingredients that taste good.  Healthy food that tastes good is not only not cheap, but it doesn't keep for long...and when you want someone else to prepare and serve you the cost is even higher.  I hear it all the time, oh such and such is a good restaurant because the food looks and tastes flash...they can make anything look and taste good with the right chemicals so these are by no means a good ways to judge the quality of a restaurant.  Bottom line is, if you are serious about losing fat you need to avoid going out to eat as much as possible.  Realistically speaking, however, I know most people around Pleasanton are going to go out to eat, and this is why I do this series on what to eat at local restaurants.  Though, I thought it would be inappropriate not to mention the reality that regular restaurant going is highly detrimental to fat loss.

The above has no more to do with Sushi Hanabi than any other restaurant...just something I felt was important to mention.

Before you head out to Sushi Hanabi in the Del Valle Shopping Center on Main in Pleasantoncheck out my choices below from their menu. 

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