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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Red Smoke Grill Pleasanton - Healthy Restaurant - Menu Choices

Red Smoke Grill Pleasanton –  Though I don't go out for quick food often, this place next to Sweet Tomatoes on Hopyard in Pleasanton is definitely one of a very few places I do go.  Not only do you get your food quite quickly, but the food is very good.  Plenty of options involving meats and salads, thus it's a restaurant where you can stick to a whole food paleoesque eating style that's ideal for fat loss.

Before you head out to Red Smoke Grill in the Crossroads Shopping Center on Hopyard in Pleasanton, check out my choices below from their menu. 

Red Smoke Menu

tri-tip, mashed potatoes and salad, not these sides
Their menu is simple and easy to navigate as it is divided into 3 categories; Sandwiches, Platters and Salads.

Sandwiches As you know from reading my many previous reviews...I don't recommend eating breads or grains if you're interested in fat loss...which leaves you pretty much out of luck when it comes to sandwiches.  You could try asking for a lettuce wrap instead of bread, but then you might as well get a platter.  All of the sandwiches come with a sauce of some sort, request no sauce.

However, if you get a sandwich I would recommend getting the Build Your Own Tri-Tip, ask for it with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun and you could get salsa as a topping.  The Pulled Pork without the coleslaw or the Grilled Chicken without the cheese and ranch, would be fine too...just ask for lettuce instead of the bun.

They do have burgers as well, you could get them with the lettuce wrap instead of the bun, no mayo or other sauces on the burger (including ketchup and mustard).

Avoid the Extra's on the menu and remember only water, coffee or tea to drink...should be water here (they have lemons and you should be able to get bottle water as well).

This Looks Good, Eat Chicken First

Platters - Personally, I typically get a platter, the tri-tip, chicken, pulled pork or prawns would all be fine.  Avoid the ribs because they have bbq sauce which is sugar.  You get 2 sides with the platters and they include a corn muffin (you do not want to eat the muffin, just request they don't give it to you).  The mashed potatoes and small side salad are good...avoid the other sides.

Salads - On to the salads.  I've had these as well, the key is you must ask for the dressing on the side or you will defeat the purpose of getting a salad.  Dressings have huge numbers of calories in them.  Do not eat the dressing.  I would get the Spinach Salad and add the Chicken, Prawns, Pulled Pork or Tri-Tip.  Their salads are quite large, you will have plenty to eat!

Avoid the Corn Muffin

For the kids, the tri-tip or chicken sandwich with a lettuce wrap instead of bread would be the best options.

Leave a comment on what you choose at the Red Smoke Grill when you're trying to lose fat!

Check out the Red Smoke Grill website - Red Smoke Grill Restaurant Pleasanton

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