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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alameda County Fair Pleasanton - Eat for Fun and Fat Loss

Alameda County Fair Pleasanton – The fair certainly is known for it's food...however not typically for healthy food.  When you think of the fair and food, you think corn dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy and other deep fried, sugar laden stuff.  While this is certainly true, if your visit to the fair isn't going to be a cheat day then you should be happy to know you can find things that aren't too bad at all.

Before you head out to the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton check out my food reviews below.

I had 2 fish tacos here at Pepe's Fresh Mexican
I went to the Alameda County Fair on opening day this year and had a chance to walk around and check out a number of the food vendors scattered throughout the fairgrounds.

If you've been to the fair before, you're likely familiar with where the different food vendors are located, as many are the same each year.  All promoting any number of items...some of which sound somewhat healthy and others which at first site cause you to get chest pains.  Items such as the donut burgers, deep fried Oreos, and a hot dog sundae (wt...!!).  I guess if it's your cheat day you can try these, as long as you don't mind feeling terrible the next day, both physically and mentally.

Needless to say, I did not have any of the above mentioned "food"...I have a hard time calling it food because these items were clearly made in a factory, not grown or harvested from any farm or animal.

What I did have, however were fish tacos from Pepe's fresh Mexican and steak tacos from Mama Marinez (pictured below).  These both were actually very good, not greasy and not laden with sauces and toppings I didn't want.  You basically got the soft tortilla with the meat, all the toppings were on the side and you could add whatever you wanted.  I added pico de gallo, cilantro and lime.  And I had a glass of cab...$7 for a small plastic cup of wine...something broke college students would be drinking wine from.

I had 2 steak tacos here, which were excellent
In addition to the food I had, there are actually many other good options at the fair...including huge turkey legs and a whole variety of meats at big bubbas bad bbq.

get your turkey legs to gnaw on!

Here are some photos of the fair food you may want to avoid...particularly if you plan on getting on the multi-directional spinning rides (LOL)!

deep fried twinkie (thought
these were extinct)

a plethora of corn dogs (yuck!)
deep fried watermelon (seriously!)

Here are some other items you want to go place of the above (if it's not your cheat meal)

Roast Beef (ask for a lettuce wrap instead of the bread)

a lot of meat (you don't get the whole thing)
half chicken (avoid the sides)

My personal favorite fair food, if I'm not following my normal eating habits (cheating) would have to be funnel cake.  Actually I like elephant ears...which you never see in California...always had these in the going to fairs in the Midwest.  They are a lot thinner and not so doughy.  Plain fried dough with cinnamon and toppings.  But you settle for what's available that's funnel cake.
haven't had one yet this year...but it's on the list

Here's am elephant ear for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to have one yet...I've not seen them at the Alameda County Fair.

better than funnel cake in my humble opinion

One little insider tip (the source of which will remain nameless) is to never get food from the carnies...need I say more.  Let your imagination run wild (you know you already are anyway)!

carnie food stand...beware

Leave a comment on what you like to eat at the Alameda County Fair when you're trying to lose weight (not that you go to the fair with weight loss in mind)!

Check out the Alameda County Fair website here

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