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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Albertos Cantina Pleasanton - Healthy Mexican Menu Choices

Albertos Cantina Pleasanton – One of the few Mexican dining options downtown...of course we know this isn't totally authentic...but it is a very popular hang out for those wanting that margarita or having a craving for food that isn't often the best for you!

You can find some menu items that won't blow your eating totally out of the next time your friends or family are dying to go to Alberto's you can go with and make a healthier choice than you may have in the past.  Take a look below...

Before you head out to Albertos Cantina in Downtown Pleasanton check out my choices below from their menu. 

spanish omelet

Sunday Brunch – pass on the complimentary champagne/mimosa
  • Spanish Omelet – just request the sauce on the side and apply sparingly
  • Huevos Con Papas – avoid the sour cream or at least minimize…it appears the sour cream is served on the side
  • Breakfast Burrito – just unwrap and don’t eat the tortilla

fish tacos...sin sauce


Antojitos (Appetizers) – please skip all of these if you’re looking for fat loss…loaded with sauces, other toppings and plenty of carbs

Desayuno Tradicional (Traditional Breakfast) Lunch Menu only – avoid the tortilla and ask for all toppings on the side

Spanish Omelet – ask for the sauce and sour cream on the side…this is definitely the best option for breakfast

Ensaladas (Salads)
  • Cancun Salad
  • Tossed Green Salad
Sopas (Soups) – sorry, no liquid calories and soup again has unknown ingredients

Combinacion Lunches (Combination Lunches) – choose the light version and you get a salad instead of the rice and beans…get the uno option

  • Taco – go with the crisp taco with sauce on the side that you apply
  • Tostada Tradicional – this is likely the best option as you can easily eat it without the tortilla…get the sauce on the side
Especialidades De La Casa (Meats of the House) – choose whole or black beans and eat only half the rice and include the dinner salad

  • Carnitas – definitely the best option as there isn’t the sauce issue
  • The other two options would be ok if you ask for the sauce on the side and use very sparingly. (liquid calories)
  • Carne Asada (Dinner only option) – doesn’t mention the sauces that you would get with Chile Colorado or Chile Verde

De La Cocina De Mama (Mama’s Kitchen) – none of these are good options…lots of sauces and tortillas…skip this section for fat loss

De La Parrilla (From the Grill) – either choice would be good as they both come with everything on the side…you choose either beef, chicken or prawns

Platillos Del Mar (Seafood Specialties) – either would be great…the question is which of the 4 ways of preparation is best?

Al Mojo De Ajo (butter is good for you), Rancheros…all vegetables…and hey if you like spicy Diablo Style would be good too.

Sorry, no enchiladas or fish tacos (tortillas…beer battered fish)

Gringo Food (Lunch menu only) – all burgers (not a great choice)…I’m assuming a grilled chicken breast burger is basically a grilled chicken sandwich.

Grilled Chicken Breast Burger – eat half or none of the bread…and NO FRIES

Alberto’s Famous Burritos  if you don’t eat the tortilla these could be ok…but that kind of defeats the purpose of a burrito.  Clearly the mini options would likely be a more appropriate portion…

Linda’s Mini Burrito Supreme – looks to have the higher calorie toppings on the side…unwrap and eat contents without tortilla…use sour cream and sauce sparingly

Leave a comment on what you choose at Alberto's when you're trying to lose weight!

Check out the Alberto's Cantina website here
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