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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chiantis Ristorante - Pleasanton Italian Variety

Chiantis Ristorante Pleasanton – It's time to start back with some reviews since we are now over a week into the new year.  I caught the bug that everyone seems to be was out of commission these last couple of weeks.  Lets start out with a relatively new Pleasanton Italian restaurant...Chiantis which has been around for almost 2 years....where Casa Madrid was located next door to Rising Loafer.  Like most Italian restaurants the key is to make sure you include adequate protein in your meal as you're faced with a lot of bread, pasta and heavy sauces.

Before you head out to the Chiantis in downtown Pleasanton, check out my choices below from their menu. 

Champagne Brunch

Country – plenty of protein with some carbs

Salmon Omelet – probably the best option on the menu…plenty of veggies with protein

Seafood Omelet – another excellent option if you like seafood


  • Carpaccio Salmone

Panini – choose the green salad and eat only half the bread at most

Pollo – hold the mayo
Smoked Salmon – this is great, don’t even need to hold the mayo

Vegetariana – sorry…not enough protein…too much pasta and sauce


            Pollo – these all have pasta and sauce…but if I had to choose one it would be
            Marsala – sautéed…get the sauce on the side…and eat half or avoid the pasta
Saltimbocca – the only option in this section without pasta
Ossobuco – protein and a balance of carbs for those who like lamb
Filetto – sauce on the side…but otherwise great protein with balanced carbs

Insalata – definitely add chicken, salmon or prawns

  • Verde – watch those candied walnuts…but this is a great salad
  • Mista – wow this one is a phenomenal salad…eat away
  • Spinaci – again great choice…can’t go wrong here

Tutto Di Mare – avoid the pasta and creamy sauce…always get the sauce on the side

Risotto De Mare – the key here…the light sauce and plenty of protein
Salmone – watch that creamy sauce…but otherwise it’s perfect

Drinks – as always think water, coffee or hot tea and avoid everything else



  • Pettini – watch how much sauce you eat on this one
  • Carpaccio Salmone – just like lunch, this would be your best option

Pollo – identical to the lunch menu

Vittelo – identical to the lunch menu except for Parmigiana which you should avoid (fried and breaded – a definite no)

Carne – very similar to the lunch menu (see above) with the addition of Pork chops that come with potatoes and vegetables (recommended)

Vegetariana – many of the same from the lunch menu…fewer options and again not recommended because of the pasta and little protein to balance out the carbs…not good for fat loss

Beverages – same conclusions as the lunch menu…see Drinks above

Insalata – fewer options than the lunch menu…however, same recommendations

Tutto Di Mare – identical to the lunch menu…see above for selections

Child’s Menu – portions are probably just right for adults…too bad adults likely can’t order these size meals

Hmmm…all pastas…I would say the Italian Meatballs would be the best option…have your kids eat half the pasta if any and focus on the meatballs

Beverages…all should be avoided except water

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

It's pretty straight forward with the focus on getting adequate protein from high quality meats and seafood while emphasizing vegetables for your carb and fiber source.  You do not need to eat grains to get fiber...anyone that tells you this is unfortunately misinformed and following outdated recommendations.  This is particularly the case if you need to lose weight...avoid grains as they irritate and raise inflammation levels in your Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis if you need more details.

The hidden culprit lies in the sauces and condiments which you should heavily minimize!

Leave a comment on what you choose at Chiantis when you're trying to lose weight!

Check out the Chianti's Ristorante website here

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