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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cafe Main Pleasanton - What's the Main thing?

Cafe Main Pleasanton – the food quality here is very good…they use top quality ingredients and make sauces in house…however you must remember that just because it’s “home made” doesn’t always mean it’s good for you.

Cafe Main delivers and they are typically pretty fast when you order, obviously this depends what you select.  Normally I get the house salad with either steak or chicken.  You get flat bread with this, which you should either leave behind or request they not include it with your salad.

Before you head out to Cafe Main in Pleasanton check out my choices below from their menu. 

nix the juice and french toast

Breakfast Menu

Omelettes – any but the vegetarian (you need protein..more than eggs)…you get potatoes with all of these

  • Chicken Tomato, Olive and Feta Cheese would be my pick

Sides – you can combine any 3 sides…great option
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Cup Fresh Berries
  • Bacon

avoid the dipping sauce

Appetizer Menu – an easy choice once you see the options
  • Chicken Wings “Fresh Range Rocky Wings” – hormone free etc etc…just go sparingly on the dipping sauce and you’ll be ok…or better yet don’t even let them bring the sauce

leave the flatbread behind

Fresh Soups & Salads
  • House – and add chicken or steak…this one is great! Get the dressing on the side of course.

Specialty Sandwiches – add a House Side Salad
  • Tuna BLT-A – without the mayo of course
  • Club House
  • Fillet Steak Sandwich

Specialty Gourmet Pizza – you should definitely steer clear of this section if you’re trying to lose fat…however I will mention what would be the best options…the red sauce would be better than creamy garlic herb…definitely go with the thin crust and if you go with small thin crust and build your own you can get what you like and not affect others you are with who may not be watching their diet as closely

  • Mauna Loa
  • Build Your Own – select red sauce, grilled chicken, mushrooms, olive, onion, zucchini, bell pepper, or sun-dried tomato would be good options (obviously you may not want all of these)

choose wisely if you go with pizza

Beverages – sorry no beer or wine…it just causes too many problems for anyone trying to lose weight…it’s inflammatory and will affect you long after you consume
  • Organic Coffees
  • Bottled Waters

Leave a comment on what you choose at Cafe Main if you're trying to lose weight!

Check out the Cafe Main website here

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