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Friday, December 7, 2012

Tomo Sushi Pleasanton - Healthy Sushi Anyone?

Tomo Sushi Bar & Grill Pleasanton – The first dive into one of the many sushi restaurants downtown Pleasanton....they're open Tues through Sunday for dinner and lunch Friday and Saturday.  And like most Asian restaurants...they have a HUGE menu...however, it's not really that complicated.  Once you realize it's basically different combinations of the same spot the key red flag words and think vegetable, protein (fish), starchy carbs (rice)....the choices that are best for fat loss stand out.  Yes, I have eaten at Tomo and it's great!

Before you head out to the Tomo Sushi in Pleasanton check out my choices below from their menu. 

Awesome Salad...who knew?

Lunch Menu
  • Lunch Special Bento Box
    • 1 item from C, 1 item from A or B - select Grilled Mackerel and Sashimi
    • Salmon Skin Roll - protein...carbs(rice)...great choice
    • Seaweed Salad on top of Green Salad - make sure you grab some protein with this one
    • Unagi over rice - try some of several great selections
  • Entry - you'll want to avoid the tempura, katsu (fried), and soup (download free guidebook to see why)...teriyaki is sweet and has soy...remember I'm the best choices...not every possibility
    • Shio-Saba Lunch
    • Chirashi
    • Combination Sashimi/Sushi
  • Noodle - avoid the noodles...too many carbs...easily turn to sugar and then fat...if you do you can get buckwheat (which doesn't have gluten)

  • Appetizers....Seaweed Salad, Grilled Chicken, Maguro Cosmo, Ahi Avocado Poke, Maguro Tower...the others are either veggie only, fried, crispy/ the sauces...the details matter...small amounts of sauce can cause problems with your digestive system...particularly if they contain common allergens and irritants that will inflame your if you're overweight your body has high levels of inflammation...consuming proper amount of high quality fish oil is essential (if you're taking capsules you aren't taking enough guaranteed)

  • Soups/Salads - all the salads would be great choices...avoid the soups...yes I know miso (fermented soy) soup can be good for you...but because it's a restaurant you really have no idea how it's prepared or what else it may contain...get the dressing on the side and use sparingly
  • Nigri/Sashimi - all would be ok choices...I would go with the salmon...little more fat (fills you up more...) note that larger fish tend to have more issues with mercury and tuna, eel...because they usually eat smaller fish....make sure you don't overdo the rice

  • Rolls...Alaskan, California, Caterpillar, Crab Mango Salad Roll, Eel Cucumber...there are many that are great...just avoid items that say tempura, creamy, mayo or only have vegetables...unless you plan on ordering something off the Robata section as well....I would lean toward the salmon over the tuna due to mercury issues.
  • Entrees/Noodle/Vegetarian - avoid the udon (soup)...tempura and vegetarian section (not enough protein and loaded with tofu which is heavily processed and not healthy...also if it says crispy/batter nix it from your possibilities...)
    • Grilled Chicken, Salmon, Seared Pepper Ahi, Sashimi/Sushi dinner
Don't drink calories!
  • Desserts/Soft drinks - avoid the deserts and drinks...go with water...sparkling if you can't stand or are sick of plain water...hey put a lemon or lime in your water if you need flavor
  • Kids Menu...get the salmon or chicken teriyaki for your kids...and just minimize the sauce...if only the adult menu was this small

  • Robata - the best section due to there being plenty of protein and grilled's where you should gravitate when selecting your main course.
    • Chicken Negima, Tsukune, Chiken Tender, Scallop, Salmon Kama, Saba Shio or any of the grilled fish...if you get a veggie you can pick up your protein item...many excellent options
  • Sake and Other Beverages should be avoided as alcohol irritates and inflames your body and trashes your fat loss goals and degrades your workouts...(Men particularly..alcohol is if you care about your manliness you shouldn't be drinking regularly)

Here's what you'll want to watch for.

  • The key is to know what to watch for...avoid Tempura, Katsu, options that indicate fried, crispy, creamy and sauces (there are many sauces....most items come with some type of sauce...just get it on the side and use very sparingly.
All in all they have many options that will work well if you're looking to lose fat, you just have to keep in mind that your carbs should come mainly from vegetables with a small amount of rice (cupped hand full assuming you worked out and pushed yourself)...then you must see to it that you choose something with some sort of fish, chicken or beef that's not fried...salmon is what I'd lean toward.  It's hard to know if the beef is grass fed and high quality, if it isn't then you should avoid...naturally, avoiding the calorie containing liquids is huge.  You can't drink sugar and expect to lose in significant amount of weight!

Leave a comment on what you love at Tomo Sushi when you're trying to lose weight!

Check out the Tomo Sushi  Bar website here

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