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Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 Day Christmas Cutdown - Lose Fat Fast

Here is the workout I did this morning...takes less than 10 this one as a finisher after the first day of my Christmas Cutdown workout...see below

Push-Ups 20 sec on 30 sec rest 4 Rounds
Squat Jumps 20 sec on 30 sec rest 4 Rounds

You have to go as fast as you can (safely obviously)...this is the key...if you pace yourself the effect isn't the same.

Just do squats if jumping is to hard on your knees, you can do the push-ups on your knees if you need to...I did after several sets

Better than an hour of boring treadmill or elliptical.

Your metabolism and energy will be jacked!

I sat down and ate 3 chicken legs right after and my butt was hurting just sitting there...and no, not from the chicken!

If this feels easy for you you're not doing something right.

I'm going to post a new 5 minute workout each day through the 24th...the 10 day Christmas is day it now!

P.S.  Look for a write up on my breakfast trip to Lokanta this morning...along with an interview of the owners Dogan Ozdogan (super nice guy)...this place is phenomenal for breakfast on the weekends (especially if you want to lose meal below)!

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