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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Strizzis Pleasanton - Eat for Fat Loss?

Strizzis Pleasanton – they are a seafood and pasta place open for lunch and dinner...seems as if this is a theme with many restaurants in can actually eat healthy here if you are careful with your selections.

The recommendations below are my own, based on my experience and knowledge of fat loss...the strategy is simple...protein (meats, eggs, cheese) along with vegetables...this works for most people because the reason they are fat is because they eat too much pasta, bread, and potatoes...not because they  eat too much fat...the fats they eat are typically the wrong kinds of fat which according to mainstream media are healthy (vegetable oil, low fat blah blah).  Don't follow these mainstream guidelines unless you want to look old, feel moody and be unhealthy.

Before you head out to the Strizzis in Pleasanton check out my choices below in the various categories on their menu. 

  • Soups & Salads Spinach Salad...the Mixed Greens would be my second choice just because it has the cranberries and candied walnuts...either with dressing on the side - avoid soups because you don't know what's in them, likely oils and fats you don't want.
  • Main Course Salads – ask for dressings on side...I'd go for the Wood Grilled Salmon Salad...the Walnut Chicken and Crab Cobb are a close 2nd...generally I opt for the choice with the most protein since in most restaurants you get proportionately way more sugary and starchy carbs than you need...hey I understand they taste good and people want them, so it's good for business...but not for fat loss
  •  Sandwich Combinations – choose the house salad to go you know I'm not a sandwich eater because I try to avoid gluten...but I would go with the burger...only eat half the bun and all condiments on the side for you to apply...I'm not a chicken breast fan but the chicken sandwiches look fine as well.  You could ask if the beef is grass fed...then definitely go with it...if not the chicken would likely be a better option.
  • Traditional Favorites - you should avoid pasta if you're trying to lose fat, since it's a refined grain, particularly in restaurants where they serve pasta with plenty of sauce...if I had to choose one I would go with the Broccoli and Chicken since you get more protein and a great veggie...ask for the sauce on the side so you can apply it yourself lightly
  • House Specialties - sauces on the side...btw whenever you get a choice of soup or salad go salad because you know what's in it and less carbs assuming you apply dressing lightly...all pastas...which are of course heavy on carbs so choose the one with the most protein...I would say the Cajun Chicken Risotto (says light sauce...which is good) and you get mushrooms and peppers.
  • Wood Grilled Entrees - all three options are good protein...I would go for the Chicken if trying to keep carbs low...or the Salmon if you want a few more carbs as it comes with potatoes and veggies....I personally would choose the Salmon...can always eat only half the potatoes.  Ask for the toppings on the side...the tomato caper salsa is the one I would select.
Salmon Spinach Salad

  • Piccolo Platto - to me the Shrimp Scampi or Scallop and Shrimp Scampi look to be the could even do a small plate and a salad as the portions will probably more in line with what you should have anyway.  Again you should be looking for protein and minimal sauces along with portion control.
  • Soups & Salads - no soups...spinach or mixed green salad with dressing on the the honey roasted nuts and cranberries...aka sugar.
  • Soup, Salad & Pasta Combos - these are half sizes...excellent for portion control...however you don't need the pasta if you want to lose fat so you are better off just ordering a main salad and or a small plate.
  • Main Course Salads - Wood Grilled Salmon Salad is the best (no extra sweet toppings)...Crab Cobb second (a few more calories but still very good) the dressing because that alone can cancel the benefits of getting a salad.
  • Kids Menu - don't get the cup drink and ice cream that's included...your kids don't need the sugar, which is all that is.  Wood Grilled Chicken is by far the best option...don't give me this nonsense that kids won't eat get their eating habits from their parents...whatever you've been giving them from the time they were small is what they'll like...start giving them unhealthy food (mac and cheese, french fries etc) and that's what they'll want...If you're trying to go back on what you've fed them for years be prepared for a struggle (it's worth it however, because you care about their health).
  • Traditional Favorites (just the heading sounds dangerous) - again, you really should avoid pasta if you want to lose fat, heavily processed, it turns right to sugar, has very little nutrition and causes digestive issues for many who are sensitive to grains...this is not Strizzis's just the reality of pasta (but it's whole grain what...when is the last time you've seen pasta growing in a field...that's avoid it if your priority is to lose fat)...if you absolutely insist...Broccoli & Chicken Rigatoni is the best looking one here...get the sauce on the side and use very little
  • House Specialties - Cajun Chicken Risotto...see lunch...look for meat and veggies...with sauces and creamed this and that on the side...the best part of the menu is at the bottom
  • Wood Grilled Entrees - you won't go wrong with any of these...I mentioned the details on the lunch menu as these choices are identical I would urge you to see the lunch commentary above
  • Early Dining Favorites - these are just pre-6:00pm prices for the same menu choices I've already discussed...see above.
mural on the St Mary's street side

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

If you see sauce, cream, crispy, breaded, smothered in or other similar words...avoid...if you see names of vegetables and meats gravitate toward well as half portions and small plates...because it's what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat...not just the calories...follow these guidelines if you want to keep your fat loss efforts on track while dining out in Pleasanton.

Leave a comment on what you choose at Strizzis when you're trying to lose weight!

Check out the Strizzis website here
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