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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nonni's Bistro Pleasanton - Know What to Eat?

Nonni's Bistro Pleasanton – brunch on the weekends and a pretty straightforward, simple menu make it easy to choose...They serve high quality free range and natural meats including Niman Ranch Beef,Mary's Chicken along with free range Australian lamb.  Like most restaurants you have to watch some sauces but since this one isn't pasta heavy you have more options.  Their lunch and dinner menus are pretty much the same (see below) and offer a variety of selections even if you're going out to eat while trying to lose fat in Pleasanton.

Before you head out to Nonni's in Pleasanton check out my choices below from their menu. 

  • House Salad, Smoked Salmon Platter...too many refined carbs with the bread...and gluten which is inflammatory and will contribute to fat gain
  • The Main Salads - Grilled Fresh Salmon, The Cobb, Bistro Steak
  • Burgers - since you should avoid the bun and definitely no fries...get the Burger in a Bowl since it's served over lettuce and ask for the toppings on the side so you can add them...if you add something make sure it's a salad (leave Caesar alone)
  • Vegetarian - I wouldn't advocate this section...unless you are meticulous and really know what you are doing it's almost impossible to be healthy as a strict vegetarian...because you cannot get adequate amounts of certain nutrients without eating animal I would say to go with the Veggie Lawosh as it looks the best (no bread...minimal sauce)
  • The Things We Like to Do - the Cassoulet of Lamb looks the best with beans and squash

  • First Courses....same as the lunch House Salad or Smoked Salmon platter...and for the same reasons
  • The Main Salads...see lunch as these again are the same items
  • Main Courses...there are a number of great options just have to do some slicing and dicing and moving things's what I mean..
    • Grilled Fresh Salmon...sauce on the side
    • Braised Lamb Shank...once more half the potatoes with sauce on the side
    • Coq au Vin - half the potatoes and ask for the sauce on the side
    • Braised Peppered Beef Short Rib - eat only half the potatoes
  • A Few of Our Favorite Thing  Huevos Rancheros but without the flour tortilla
  • Pancakes & French Toast  As much as these all sound really super tasty...for fat loss you should skip over them
  • For the Health of It...the best thing here is the Protein Scramble/Egg White Omelette...funny thing is the best choice on the menu isn't in this section even though it's supposed to be "healthy"...ask them for the whole egg...the most beneficial nutrients are in the yolk and there is nothing wrong with eating a whole do it!
  • The Art of Oats...avoid this section...many people are sensitive to grains
  • Eggs and we're getting to the good stuff...go for the eggs with fruit...
  • Benedicts - I would avoid this don't need the english muffin
  • Omelettes - I'd say the Smoke Salmon or 3 Egg with a meat selection and a vegetable
  • Sides - an egg and meat with potatoes(because you have enough protein & fat to balance them out) would be a good selection if you're going with sides
  • Nonni's Weekend Tradition...avoid this like your life depends on it...because your fat loss certainly you didn't know that drinking alcohol shoots your estrogen levels up and impairs your workouts and fat loss even up to 5 days prior all the way until 36 hours's a no go if you're serious about getting fit and losing fat

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

I will bullet it out for you.

  • keep your carbs coming from vegetables (spinach, green beans, peppers, cauliflower etc.)
  • avoid breads, pastas, pastries and other grains as they are inflammatory and end up being stored as fat unless you are doing Michael Phelps-esque workouts every day...even then they aren't good for fat loss
  • always ask for sauces, spreads, condiments and toppings on the side
  • if it says crispy, fried, blackened, charred try to avoid
  • eat only half of the portion you are given - divide it up before you even start eating
  • don't drink calories...this includes soups
  • avoid alcohol, it makes you fat...I posted a link to an excellent article about this on my Facebook page it
  • choose things with protein...i.e. meats and minimize potatoes

Leave a comment on what you choose at Nonni's when you're trying to lose weight!

Check out the Nonni's Bistro website here

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