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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You Are EXHAUSTED...Stop Lying to Yourself!

Is this you when you start to read?
And here's the best way to prove it.  Stop reading this post now, go pick up your favorite book and start reading...if you start to doze in just a few're sleep and then come back to this after your nap.

Ok?  Do it now...and I mean it!  I'm gonna do it too..before I keep writing.

It's about a week later...and I have gotten a lot more sleep....and hopefully you have too!

But you what?  What does me getting more sleep have to do with losing fat?

It has a whole lot to do with losing fat!  Because lack of sleep = more stress...and more stress = body saying blank you to losing fat...(i.e. it ain't happening buddy because I can't even do my basic survival work so I sure as heck aren't gonna get rid of fat...hell I might need the energy later)!

That's pretty much what your body says when you constantly get too little sleep.

Here is how being exhausted gets right up between you and fat that you're rested you should be able to remember this stuff!  If not, go back to bed...

1. Jacks (literally) up your Hormones - despite all of our modern conveniences and feelings of advancement your body still operates with an ancient survival mentality...

Look Unhealthy
In other words, when it's light your body thinks it's summer so your body increases levels of the stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and leptin to drive appetite and high levels of insulin to signal fat storage.  After awhile your body no longer responds well to these hormones...just in time for winter with its shorter days, less to eat and more time for sleep.  With this increase in sleep your body gradually starts to repair, become more sensitive to hormones, burn more fat and increase energy levels in preparation for the longer days of summer.

Look Healthy
Problem is, with all of our artificial light sources (tv, phones, computers, lights), temperature controls (AC and heat) your body thinks it's summer all of the time!  Thus you always want to eat more food and store fat because your activity levels are nowhere near enough to burn off all of the crappy calories from all of the modern foods and stimulants you need to keep yourself going you get tired, depressed and fat!  You don't get to the slow down time where your body can actually repair.  It's like driving a car all the time and never doing maintenance....eventually it breaks down.  Bad news if you want to lose fat stay energetic and be healthy.

2. Screws Up your Recovery Ability - if you aren't sleeping enough your body cannot recover and rebuild from your workouts not to mention other stresses.  You have to understand that you make progress when you rest NOT when you work out (or place constant stress on yourself).  This is a huge mistake that, if you're like most people, you make particularly when you want to lose fat.  You think, I have to work out all the time...lift weights, do an hour of cardio (at least 6 days a week), starve myself with calorie deficient diets and load yourself up with caffeine and sugar so you can function (adding even more stress) and then bitch like hell when you never lose any fat.

Is Yours?

If you work out excessively and eat crap, your body will emphatically say NO TO FAT LOSS.  Like anything else...proper dosages are key in order to get the desired response...and with most people's modern hectic lifestyle LESS IS MORE when it comes to exercise.  If you're stressed out and you know it, stop and rest unless you want to stay fat and frustrated.

3. Messes Up Your Mind and Motivation - When you've stayed up half the night do you really feel motivated to jump out of bed and do a workout or prepare your healthy food for the days meals.  Absolutely not!  All you want to do is sleep or look for the nearest caffeine or sugar source to rev you up so you can drag yourself through the day.  Not to mention you certainly don't feel like being positive, friendly or socially interactive which of course makes your levels of stress hormones skyrocket and your desire to eat and do things that will derail and destroy your fat loss efforts.

So here's what you should do if you want to lose fat

Don't eat after 7pm - this lets your body go longer without food which allows your cells to become more responsive to hormones like insulin, leptin and cortisol and thus reversing the effect of excess stress.

Go to bed by 10pm - you need more time to let your body cycle your wake hormones down and get into the fat burning mode not to mention you can accelerate your aging by up to 4 times when you ignore the day and night cycles

Turn off all Light Sources - even a small amount of light reduces melatonin by 80% and will increase dopamine and you'll be awake for at least an extra 30 minutes

Here's a good video about why sleep is it!

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