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Monday, October 22, 2012

What Can the Giants and A's Teach You About Fat Loss?

Alright, if you live in Pleasanton or anywhere in the Bay Area, regardless of where your loyalties lie you have to admit that both the Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants have done some amazing things this postseason.  The A's coming back from 2 down in the bottom of the 9th in game 4 of their ALDS series against the Tigers (who will be very tough in the World Series) to force a game 5.  And, in my opinion, even more impressively the Giants come back from being down 2-0 and winning 3 straight on the road to win their first series against the Cincinnati Reds (never been done before).  Sorry A's fans but the Giants get the nod for the better postseason comeback.

But Giants fans have to admit, when you look at the entire season, the A's take the cake (if the Giants win the whole thing then there will be legitimate arguments on both sides).  I mean seriously, who goes from 13 out just before the All-Star break and wins the division with a payroll less than A-Rod and Jeter?  Only the A's...with a bunch of no name guys who most people have never heard of....I mean I kind of follow baseball (I hear you baseball junkies you don't) and Coco Crisp is the only guy on the A's that rings a bell right away without having to think too hard about it.
Who are these guys?

So what the hell does any of this have to do with losing fat?

A whole helluva lot!

Sports in general has many parallels with accomplishing fitness goals...and particularly losing fat which is the primary goal of pretty much 95% of the population.

With that said lets look at what the Giants and A's can teach you about how to look and feel great by permanently getting rid of your excess fat.

1.  Support - Both the Giants and A's have tremendous positive support from their fans and even more importantly from each other.  The same goes for losing fat and getting, your attitudes and behaviors are a product of those closest to you.  You copy the people closest to you, so guess what...if you are around people who are fat, don't eat right and live a correspondingly unhealthy lifestyle then your chances of being healthy are not good.  I've seen it numerous times...if there is no healthy support the results are minimal and usually don't last.  This is not to say that you should completely cut off everyone, but rather add people to your life who are going to be supportive, great examples that will inspire you.  In turn, you will have less time available to be around these negative influences.  Believe it or not the people who have a negative influence on you will realize they no longer are affecting you and will probably not say as much and you may even see them decide they want to change themselves.

Get Some of This for Yourself


2.  Mindset - It's easy to be positive and upbeat when things are going well, everyone is this way.  However, the true test of attitude is when you are under duress and things aren't going your way.  As the A's and Giants have demonstrated they always believe they can win regardless of how difficult the situation may be.  Now this doesn't mean they deny reality and pretend like everything is perfect, but what it does mean is they don't worry about the past except to acknowledge what happened and then commit to correct the mistakes.

The same thing goes for losing fat, you have to believe you can do it, and then see yourself doing it in your mind before it can happen.  Then when things don't go perfectly you won't be completely derailed.  You'll acknowledge what happened and then take action to correct yourself and get back on track.  I hear so many people who want to lose weight be self-critical, and at the first sign of a setback give up and go totally off track.  Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you respond that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.  If you don't believe you can do something and are unable to picture yourself doing it in your mind you won't be able to do it.  You have to get your head straight before you will be able to get the long term results you want.  It won't happen overnight of course but each day you have to take positive steps no matter how small.

Are you this focused?


3.  Behaviors - Both the A's and Giants have the support of teammates and fans, the belief in their ability to succeed in winning games despite the difficulties they encounter and finally they have mastered the behaviors required to be successful.  While support and proper mindset are critical, without learning and executing the skills necessary to be solid baseball players there would be no success.  The things that appear easy to the average fan, like catching a fly ball in the outfield, are in fact extremely difficult.  If you don't think these things are difficult go out and try catching fly balls some day and then you'll realize why they are professionals.

With losing fat and getting fit there are certain habits and behaviors you have to develop in order to be successful.  You have to learn how to eat a certain way, exercise appropriately, manage stress and more.  There are a number of things you have to learn and then actually do in order to lose fat and keep it off.  And like baseball you have to practice them in order to get good at them and do them consistently without having to think about them.  Developing these habits takes time and you will make mistakes as everyone does, you just have to acknowledge, correct and do a better job next time.

Proper Celebration Technique

One thing I hear all the time is, I have a healthy diet and I work out but I still can't lose weight.  The fact is, if you have a healthy diet you will not be overweight.  You can give me the genetic excuse, but the fact is it doesn't fly.

We are all experts at getting ourselves to believe whatever we want to believe.  The only way to defeat this is to be objective by tracking and measuring the things you want to change.  It may not be convenient but it's the only way to get real awareness...and if you aren't willing to do this then your desire to lose weight isn't as high a priority as you may believe.  I think most of the time the reason people don't want to track things is because it will force them to be honest with themselves and others.  We've all done it so you know deep down when you're fooling yourself on things.

Even the fans keep track!
Hey, in baseball they track everything, they pay attention to the details.  They aren't just out there randomly standing in certain spots or throwing pitches wherever they feel like it.  You need to treat your fat loss the same way.  Write down everything you eat, the times, how much, how you felt etc.  Record your workouts, when you did them, what you did, how you felt, the details.  Then when things aren't working you can make adjustments appropriately, not just randomly.

You may hear people say oh success is just luck, and while that may play a role, for the most part it's anything but that.  Success, whether it's in baseball or fat loss or anything else comes from executing a plan that has merit...this becomes even more critical the more challenging the task is.  If things aren't working, you adjust the plan.  Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

Giant's Win baby!

GO GIANTS!  Yes, I'm a Giants more than an A's fan...but I do support both...and I can do this because I'm not originally from the bay area.

Here's your Monday 5 minute home fat loss it now...don't need no equipment!

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