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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ronald McDonald - Your Nutrition Czar?

I'll have a salad and a diet coke
It seems we have a czar for every possible area...but who really tells us what to eat?

Could it be clowns in yellow jumpsuits with floppy red shoes and a tight perm?

If you look at many people today you wouldn't be unreasonable to assume they get their nutrition advice from the likes of Ronald McDonald, The King, Jack, Colonel Sanders and others.

Of course everyone has to take personal responsibility for their eating choices...but by the looks of it most people aren't doing themselves any favors.

Watch this McDonalds drive thru video to see what kind of nutrition advice the man behind the speaker gives...his response is quite interesting.

Hey, you can find something that is kind of healthy if you are forced into an undesirable rendezvous with the golden arches and not go hungry or blow your eating out of the water.

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