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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Orange Juice or a Coke Anyone?

Many people in this country have orange or some other kind of juice every day for breakfast, perhaps you are one of them? 

I'm sure she drinks juice daily.

In all fairness the assumption is since it comes from oranges it must be healthy, right?

A Full Big Glass...For a Full Big...

Well, things aren’t always as obvious as they may seem.  To show this I decided to do a little quick research on orange juice and here is what I found.

The first type of oj that came to mind was Tropicana Pure Premium, must be because of the advertising (since I haven't had this oj in years).  

Do they have to spend huge dollars on advertising the best products?  When's the last time you've seen a commercial for a Rolls Royce?

A google search brought me to the Tropicana website where it mentions that TPP is the most popular brand of orange juice.  Not sure how they arrived at that conclusion, but we’ll go with it because it really doesn’t matter for what we’re looking at.  

What's on or what's in the carton?

Anyway, I found the label for TPP orange juice, (see the photo below) and a few things stood out.  The first being it says 100% juice, which evidently means nothing else was added.  But much more importantly than that was the amount of sugar in a serving, which by the way is 8oz…but for comparison sake I'm using 12 oz since that's how many ounces there are in a can of Coke.  With TPP OJ there are 33 grams of sugar per 12 oz serving and 165 calories….at roughly 4 calories per gram for carbohydrate that means that roughly 80% of the calories are from sugar (not good, especially if you want to lose weight).  

Not only that, but something else that you see on the label is “pasteurized”.  This basically means we cook the hell out of the juice to kill everything alivie in it so we can bottle, ship and store it on a shelf in the store for you to buy and then you can keep it at home for awhile and not have it go bad.  Ok, great, so you in theory won’t get sick from bacteria since we killed all of it…however, what they don’t tell you is the heat doesn’t distinguish between good and bad so what happens is everything gets killed or degraded in the process.  In other words, all of the healthy things like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other phytonutrieints get destroyed when the heating occurs.  So this means any vitamins or other nutrients in the juice are artificial ones they add afterwards…and guess what, your body doesn’t like fake nutrition.

Sounds very pure and natural

But the bigger shock should be that if you drink 1 12 oz glass of juice every day for a year you will have consumed the caloric equivalent of about 17 lbs of mostly sugar, fructose to be exact, which is a whole other story…but suffice to say that the quantity that most people consume nowadays is doing a lot to hold you back from your fat loss goals.

Sugar helps you build this

And guess how much exercise you would need to do every day just to cancel out all of those sugar calories…try 40 minutes of 4mph walking, that’s not a stroll in any regard.  Remember, you have to do that every single day you drink that seemingly innocent glass of “healthy orange juice” or more accurately “sugar”.

And just for comparison sake…a coke only has 6 g more of sugar per 12 oz!  Not that coke is an alternative , because it’s certainly not for many reasons…can we say chemicals, phony colors, hfc and much more.

12 oz can only 1 partial cube ahead of a 12 oz OJ

The point is…OJ is little or no better than soda….it’s sugar…empty calories with fake vitamins and nothing that’s alive.  If you really want an orange….eat a dang orange...hey shove a straw in an orange like the TPP package shows…has about half the sugar…actually has fiber and natural vitamins and nutrients that you can’t get from the juice that’s been in the bottle for a long time!

glass is only 8oz add 3 more cubes to compare to Coke above

Still drinking OJ….your fat will say thank you…it’s existence depends on it.

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