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Monday, October 1, 2012

Losing Fat Seem Impossible?

You're not one study when comparing those overweight individuals who exercised 5 days per week with those who did not....after 4 months the exercise group only lost 2 lbs of fat...pretty pathetic for four months worth of workouts.  Obviously nutrition must enter the equation if you want to see some good results.

Well, there's more to the story...even if you change your eating, if your digestion is poor you won't absorb nutrients essential to fat loss and thus your "better eating" won't do much good.

If you are overweight your digestive system is likely not working correctly.  Particularly if you regularly eat sugar, drink alcohol, eat processed foods etc.  The stress and damage this type of eating does will cause you to have an unfavorable ratio of good to bad bacteria in your gut.

Before you say, I eat yogurt to get probiotics, let me warn you.  Processed yogurt (yes if you buy it in the store it is processed) has very little living beneficial bacteria...what is there is not enough to turn your gut around.  Yogurt is pasteurized which kills most if not all living bacteria, good or bad, and who knows how long it's been sitting in a warehouse before you get it in your body.  So no yogurt isn't going to be the solution.

You need to take a high quality probiotic supplement daily in the morning at least 30 min before you eat so you get the optimal benefits.  You will notice a difference quickly!

Watch this video to see what I take and recommend.

Learn more here... Benefits of Probiotics

Get your probiotics where I do here...Check Out What I Use

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