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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do You Like Baci Bistro Downtown Pleasanton?

Baci Bistro & Bar Pleasanton – This place has a number of great options if you are looking to lose fat and be healthy you just need a strategy going for fat loss flags...breaded, creamy, sauce, dressing...and then request these on the side or in the case of breaded avoid ordering those items (kinda hard to scrape breading off and looks tacky in a nice restaurant) choices here and high quality meats but remember it's a restaurant so they will use many sauces and dressings...they will accommodate your requests just ask a interesting side note when you have a request (this isn't a Baci thing, it's anywhere in life) add a because to your statement and people are much more likely to say yes....90% vs 60%

Before you head out to the Baci Restaurant in Pleasanton check out my choices below...

  • Soup & Salad Mixed Greens, Beet, Spinach or Field of Berries - of course dressing on the's great you can add your choice of meat to these....these are great salads in my experience...soups are best avoided because it's hard to know what's in them....again liquid calories that have unknown ingredients are a's what you don't see that can hurt your efforts to lose fat
  • Gourmet Sandwiches – as you know I'm not a big sandwich person...gluten intolerance...but if I had to choose one I would select the Fillet Steak or Blackened Salmon Fillet...........and btw sourdough is fermented so better option if gluten is a concern....but if you get the sandwich I always say only eat half of the bread....remember it's the things that quickly turn to sugar when you eat them that make and keep you fat....bread turns to sugar quickly when you eat eat less bread.  Plus you get the awesome organic spring mix salad too...dressing on the side!
  • Pasta Specialties - I'd do Chicken Picata with Linguini or Sautéed Fresh Clams Linguini....if I had to choose pasta....I would only eat half the pasta....again I'm not a pasta fan because of gluten and you shouldn't be one if you want to lose fat....again turns to sugar quickly!

  • Soup & Salad - see lunch as the menu in this section is basically the same...particularly the choices I recommended for you
  • Starters -I'd take the Thai Fillet Steak Skewers....the Steamed Mussels and Prawns look alright...just watch the sauce and nix the bread altogether
  • Pasta Specialties - Chicken Milano or Seafood Pasta or Veal Piccata...I personally wouldn't get pasta...but the chicken looks the best....ask for sauce on the side or you'll have to do some de-saucing yourself...and only eat half of the pasta
  • Steak & Seafood - now this is the section of the menu you want to jump to for the best choices...and most if not all look like they would be good...however lets narrow it down to a few...Grilled Salmon....or Ribeye with the Pork Chop looking good too.....I avoid most fish because of the fact that it's hard to get fish without the mercury and toxins (the bigger the fish the worse it is) and you don't get much good fat in many of them...hence go with the salmon....I would get the ribeye myself...and ask for any sauce or cream etc on the side....this is where the calories that you don't want are at....hey and you get a vegetable with these as well

Baci Specials
  • These come from their main menu for the most part and are designed for two...I wouldn't do it because you get things you don't need like dessert...but if you do go with this menu I would select House Salad w/dressing on the side and Oven Roasted free range half-chicken...looks like you don't have the choice on the dessert as it says chef's choice...hence order from the regular menu
Drinks/Wine/Bar Menu
  • Bar menu only at dinner...and is pretty much the starters from the dinner menu...obviously avoid wine hand cocktails if you want to lose weight....just one a day will hurt your weight loss...the calories are all from sugar and alcohol irritates your digestive system so you won't be able to absorb the good food your eating nor can you absorb the nutrients....oh yes and alcohol also screws up your hormones...increases your estrogen levels which is associated with fat decide what your priorities are
SIDE NOTE(nothing to do with Baci...everything to do with you):  If you want to drink regularly don't plan on losing fat and don't walk around complaining about how you can't understand why you can't lose decide...everything that matters involves sacrifice and inconvenience...which you already know, but is worth repeating.

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The main things I look for are indications of sauces, heavy cream, and things that will quickly turn to sugar in your body (which you don't want when trying to lose fat).  For example...any type of bread, potato, dressing, or sauce is a red flag to look for when you want to keep your fat loss efforts on track while dining out in Pleasanton.

Leave a comment on what you've had at Baci when you're trying to lose fat!

Check out the Baci website here

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