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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Discover How to Eat Well at Oasis Grille Pleasanton Without Feeling Guilty

Oasis Grille & Wine Lounge Pleasanton – hey no breakfast here, but they do have nice options like Kabobs and some of their specialties with many veggie and meat options…as always sauces are what will get you and creamy this and that will be where you have to watch out (only eat half of the sauces/sides and put them on yourself), …doesn't mention anything about healthy requests, but I'm sure they will be flexible given this is a nice and popular local restaurant.  Their lunch and dinner menus are pretty much the same (see below)

Before you head out to the Oasis in Pleasanton check out my choices below in the various categories from their menu. 

  • Starters – Oasis Hummus Fusion...the Global Cheese Plate, House Marinated Olives and Oasis Sampler are ones I would go for...if you like Hummus you'll be lovin most things here...since much of this is vegetarian it should be ok...just don't go nuts on the dips and sauces and no matter what you choose remember they all have calories so think about how much you plan to eat in total
  • Greens – all look ok sans the Caesar....get the dressing on the side so you can add yourself...I would likely pick the Greek Garden....if you go with the mixed greens watch the raisins, candied walnuts and dried cranberries on the others, you can also add various meats
  •  Gyros – I would probably avoid these because of bread....but the Cilantro Wrap looks the should add chicken....since it comes with salad choose the House salad
  • Flatbread Pizzas - personally I would suggest none of these...too many refined carbs with the bread...and gluten which is inflammatory and will contribute to fat gain
  • From the Grille - I'd choose Grilled Lamb Chops...the other choices look pretty good as well but they come with potatoes which can be a danger for those looking to lose fat...if you go with any of these other options just watch the "creamy potatoes" literally :)
  • Shish Kabobs - for your side choose the asparagus or house salad and whichever sauce you pick ask for it on the side so you can add it yourself - all the Kabob options look great - I would pick the Oasis Mix Grille so you can combine 2 of the great choices - BTW I personally think the Kabobs are the best choice for an entree on the menu
  • Oasis Specialties - go for the Kabuli or Sabzi and add the meat of your choice then you get your veggies, eat a little bit of the rice and then the protein...these I would say are right up there with the Kabobs as excellent choices if you're trying to lose fat

  • These are all to be avoided if you're looking to lose fat....obviously they are sugar in various forms if you're somehow forced to eat some just have 1 or 2 bites and that's it...this is obviously if you're with people who insist on getting a can instead order coffee or one of their many teas (NO CHAI LATTE )
  • If you think you have to have it, wine is the most calorie friendly per ounce, which for fat loss you really shouldn't (irritates the the digestive system even if you don't "feel it", increases estrogen levels (fat storage) and is pure sugar), select a lighter wine that isn't very sweet so you get a lower amount of sugar and certainly have no more than one glass (Chardonnay and whites generally have lower sugar than the reds)...helps if you wait to start drinking until you have food so you don't spike your blood sugar as much, which is not good for fat loss.  As for cocktails...a light rum or gin and stick with those not involving sweet mixes like juice and soda
  • Beers - light beer will have the lowest calories...Coors Light here...but really beer doesn't equal anything but fat gain

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The main things I look for are indications of sauces, heavy cream, and things that will quickly turn to sugar in your body (which you don't want when trying to lose fat).  For example...any type of bread, potato, dressing, or sauce is a red flag to look for when you want to keep your fat loss efforts on track while dining out in Pleasanton.

Leave a comment on what you choose at Oasis when you're trying to lose weight!

Check out the Oasis website here

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