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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Breakfast at Stacey's Downtown Pleasanton?

Stacey's Cafe Pleasanton – yes they have weekend breakfast 8-11am and they have some very good selections…and use quality ingredients (see below)…again sauces are what will get you (only eat half of the sauces/sides and put them on yourself), …they will accommodate your healthy requests.  Nice downtown spot...with funny menus and Dilbert items since Scott Adams is behind the place (not literally of course...he has his own place to stay).

Before your next visit to Stacey's check out my choices below in the various categories from their menu. Check out their site here

  • Salads Cobb Salad would be my choice...the Spinach and House salads look pretty good as well (just watch the croutons and definitely get dressings on the side)
  • Starters – I would choose Antipasto or Poke Tuna (of course steer clear of included bread and minimize sauces)
  •  Sandwiches – Free Range California Chicken Sandwich...I normally avoid sandwiches because I have gluten can always only eat the sandwich open face with only half the bread the salmon and veggie sandwich also look like great options - sauces on side so you can decide how much of them you want
  • Entrees - Grilled Natural Salmon Filet (crispy fried onion stuff you should push to the side), Fish Tacos (avoid the whole tortilla and adjust the sauce that's included), Crab Crusted Mahi-Mahi (you don't have to eat the whole can take it with you)

  • Starters - same as lunch see above
  • Entrees - Pan Seared Ahi, Jambalaya, Rib Eye, Salmon Filet, Short Ribs, Filet may want to ask for sauces on the side so you can add them yourself and while the potatoes with some of these look decent try to only eat half of what they give you.
  • Sides - Vegetables, Long Grain Rice or Yukon Gold Mash Potatoes
  • Kids - Maybe the Chicken Tenders but nix the fries...otherwise none of it looks healthy

Breakfast (weekend mornings)

  • Pleasanton Special I would opt for no toast and then see if you can get fruit instead of potatoes, Healthy Scramble tell them to use the whole's good for you  because that's where all the nutrients are...any of the Omelets...for the create your own I would get chicken, tomato and avocado
  • Sides - they all look ok, just remember to get enough protein...i.e. don't just order yogurt and fruit...not enough protein in that meal
  • Beverages the house blend coffee or hot teas (no juice, it's not healthy, it's sugar!)
Desserts - obviously none of them are healthy but if you absolutely have to get one "The Latest Scoop" gelato or sorbet look to be the best (You really don't need this and you know it)

Drinks...any of the teas would be an ok option other than the obvious water

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The deal is I try to avoid things that turn to sugar quickly...because if you're trying to lose fat that's where the problem is in your eating too much sugar...bread, potatoes, fruit , sauces and beverages that aren't water or tea turn into sugar in your body and contribute heavily (no pun intended) to being fat.

A great thing to note at Stacey's is the following from their website...

No matter how finicky you are, our servers are trained to resist the urge to slap you senseless. Feel free to ask for changes to your meal. We can add garlic, delete spices, remove meat if you’re a vegetarian -- whatever change you like -- as long as it’s legal. And if no one is watching, we’re flexible on the legal thing too. We are also proud to only serve Petaluma Farms free-range chicken and battery cage free eggs!

Leave a comment on what you choose at Stacey's when you're trying to be healthy!

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