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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinner at Barones?

Barone's Pleasanton – open daily at 4pm and for dinner and is definitely the hot spot for Pleasanton socialites with their Thursday night live entertainment during the summer and fall months

It states on their menu that "No trans-fats are used in the preparation of our food."  Great because you should never eat trans-fats!

Before you head out for your Thursday night dinner and live entertainment at Barone's in downtown Pleasanton check out my choices from their menu. 

  • Appetizers - Personally I would get the Carpaccio, but the Smoked Salmon, and Barone's Antipasto Platter would be good as well (if you're sharing) just have to avoid the crostini that they serve with almost every appetizer...and go easy on the sauce dipping...which everything comes with....or you could just ask for them to hold the sauce (calories hidden here)...remember you're trying to lose fat not sample everything they offer (oils, crispy, marinades, sauces = weight gain)
  • Soups & Salads - skip the soup as liquid calories are dangerous...I would order the Tomato and Mozzarella Napoleon....whichever salad you get ask them to put the dressing on the side and I....avoid the Caesar and Iceberg Wedge....the other mixed green salads are great just avoid eating all of the caramelized pecans and dried cranberries (can you say sugar!)
  • Pastas - while I definitely don't recommend any pasta if you are trying to lose fat...if you must pick one eat only half of what you are served and ask for the sauce on the side remove half of the sauce...Here the Spaghettini with grilled chicken looks the you get some protein to balance the carbs and they don't mention a sauce...though there probably is one.
  • Entrees - the Grilled Salmon Fillet with sautéed spinach and butternut squash is what I'd choose and ask for the sauce on the side.  The other meat dishes like the ribs and steak look ok...just only eat half and have all sauces on the side...they each come with a sauce.

Appetizer Menu
  • Chicken Drummettes, Chicken or Beef Skewers, Prawns, Smoked Salmon - these are large portions meant for groups so probably won't apply unless you're there with a party of some type....just thought I'd include it since it's on their website as a separate menu

Wine List
  • Wine is the lowest calorie per ounce alcohol...white's that aren't as sweet obviously would be better can ask which whites they have available that are not as sweet....always eat some food before you drink so your blood sugar doesn't race up as high as it would if you drink first...If you really want to lose fat don't drink alcohol at all while you are trying to lose as it doesn't help one bit

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

Hey this place is Italian so you have to expect, bread, a lot of different sauces, wine, pasta and all the things you love but know are to be avoided if you want to lose fat.  

If you see marinade, crispy, fried, sauces, dipping, creamy, glazed you know it should be on the side, avoided, or cut in half.  Most portions at restaurants are huge, so just ask for half in a to go box to start...because if it's in front of you you're going to pick at it no matter what.

Leave a comment on what you choose at Barone's when you're trying to lose weight!

Check out Barone's website here

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