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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinner at Barones?

Barone's Pleasanton – open daily at 4pm and for dinner and is definitely the hot spot for Pleasanton socialites with their Thursday night live entertainment during the summer and fall months

It states on their menu that "No trans-fats are used in the preparation of our food."  Great because you should never eat trans-fats!

Before you head out for your Thursday night dinner and live entertainment at Barone's in downtown Pleasanton check out my choices from their menu. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

What Can the Giants and A's Teach You About Fat Loss?

Alright, if you live in Pleasanton or anywhere in the Bay Area, regardless of where your loyalties lie you have to admit that both the Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants have done some amazing things this postseason.  The A's coming back from 2 down in the bottom of the 9th in game 4 of their ALDS series against the Tigers (who will be very tough in the World Series) to force a game 5.  And, in my opinion, even more impressively the Giants come back from being down 2-0 and winning 3 straight on the road to win their first series against the Cincinnati Reds (never been done before).  Sorry A's fans but the Giants get the nod for the better postseason comeback.

But Giants fans have to admit, when you look at the entire season, the A's take the cake (if the Giants win the whole thing then there will be legitimate arguments on both sides).  I mean seriously, who goes from 13 out just before the All-Star break and wins the division with a payroll less than A-Rod and Jeter?  Only the A's...with a bunch of no name guys who most people have never heard of....I mean I kind of follow baseball (I hear you baseball junkies you don't) and Coco Crisp is the only guy on the A's that rings a bell right away without having to think too hard about it.
Who are these guys?

So what the hell does any of this have to do with losing fat?

A whole helluva lot!

Sports in general has many parallels with accomplishing fitness goals...and particularly losing fat which is the primary goal of pretty much 95% of the population.

With that said lets look at what the Giants and A's can teach you about how to look and feel great by permanently getting rid of your excess fat.

1.  Support - Both the Giants and A's have tremendous positive support from their fans and even more importantly from each other.  The same goes for losing fat and getting, your attitudes and behaviors are a product of those closest to you.  You copy the people closest to you, so guess what...if you are around people who are fat, don't eat right and live a correspondingly unhealthy lifestyle then your chances of being healthy are not good.  I've seen it numerous times...if there is no healthy support the results are minimal and usually don't last.  This is not to say that you should completely cut off everyone, but rather add people to your life who are going to be supportive, great examples that will inspire you.  In turn, you will have less time available to be around these negative influences.  Believe it or not the people who have a negative influence on you will realize they no longer are affecting you and will probably not say as much and you may even see them decide they want to change themselves.

Get Some of This for Yourself


2.  Mindset - It's easy to be positive and upbeat when things are going well, everyone is this way.  However, the true test of attitude is when you are under duress and things aren't going your way.  As the A's and Giants have demonstrated they always believe they can win regardless of how difficult the situation may be.  Now this doesn't mean they deny reality and pretend like everything is perfect, but what it does mean is they don't worry about the past except to acknowledge what happened and then commit to correct the mistakes.

The same thing goes for losing fat, you have to believe you can do it, and then see yourself doing it in your mind before it can happen.  Then when things don't go perfectly you won't be completely derailed.  You'll acknowledge what happened and then take action to correct yourself and get back on track.  I hear so many people who want to lose weight be self-critical, and at the first sign of a setback give up and go totally off track.  Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you respond that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.  If you don't believe you can do something and are unable to picture yourself doing it in your mind you won't be able to do it.  You have to get your head straight before you will be able to get the long term results you want.  It won't happen overnight of course but each day you have to take positive steps no matter how small.

Are you this focused?


3.  Behaviors - Both the A's and Giants have the support of teammates and fans, the belief in their ability to succeed in winning games despite the difficulties they encounter and finally they have mastered the behaviors required to be successful.  While support and proper mindset are critical, without learning and executing the skills necessary to be solid baseball players there would be no success.  The things that appear easy to the average fan, like catching a fly ball in the outfield, are in fact extremely difficult.  If you don't think these things are difficult go out and try catching fly balls some day and then you'll realize why they are professionals.

With losing fat and getting fit there are certain habits and behaviors you have to develop in order to be successful.  You have to learn how to eat a certain way, exercise appropriately, manage stress and more.  There are a number of things you have to learn and then actually do in order to lose fat and keep it off.  And like baseball you have to practice them in order to get good at them and do them consistently without having to think about them.  Developing these habits takes time and you will make mistakes as everyone does, you just have to acknowledge, correct and do a better job next time.

Proper Celebration Technique

One thing I hear all the time is, I have a healthy diet and I work out but I still can't lose weight.  The fact is, if you have a healthy diet you will not be overweight.  You can give me the genetic excuse, but the fact is it doesn't fly.

We are all experts at getting ourselves to believe whatever we want to believe.  The only way to defeat this is to be objective by tracking and measuring the things you want to change.  It may not be convenient but it's the only way to get real awareness...and if you aren't willing to do this then your desire to lose weight isn't as high a priority as you may believe.  I think most of the time the reason people don't want to track things is because it will force them to be honest with themselves and others.  We've all done it so you know deep down when you're fooling yourself on things.

Even the fans keep track!
Hey, in baseball they track everything, they pay attention to the details.  They aren't just out there randomly standing in certain spots or throwing pitches wherever they feel like it.  You need to treat your fat loss the same way.  Write down everything you eat, the times, how much, how you felt etc.  Record your workouts, when you did them, what you did, how you felt, the details.  Then when things aren't working you can make adjustments appropriately, not just randomly.

You may hear people say oh success is just luck, and while that may play a role, for the most part it's anything but that.  Success, whether it's in baseball or fat loss or anything else comes from executing a plan that has merit...this becomes even more critical the more challenging the task is.  If things aren't working, you adjust the plan.  Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

Giant's Win baby!

GO GIANTS!  Yes, I'm a Giants more than an A's fan...but I do support both...and I can do this because I'm not originally from the bay area.

Here's your Monday 5 minute home fat loss it now...don't need no equipment!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Orange Juice or a Coke Anyone?

Many people in this country have orange or some other kind of juice every day for breakfast, perhaps you are one of them? 

I'm sure she drinks juice daily.

In all fairness the assumption is since it comes from oranges it must be healthy, right?

A Full Big Glass...For a Full Big...

Well, things aren’t always as obvious as they may seem.  To show this I decided to do a little quick research on orange juice and here is what I found.

The first type of oj that came to mind was Tropicana Pure Premium, must be because of the advertising (since I haven't had this oj in years).  

Do they have to spend huge dollars on advertising the best products?  When's the last time you've seen a commercial for a Rolls Royce?

A google search brought me to the Tropicana website where it mentions that TPP is the most popular brand of orange juice.  Not sure how they arrived at that conclusion, but we’ll go with it because it really doesn’t matter for what we’re looking at.  

What's on or what's in the carton?

Anyway, I found the label for TPP orange juice, (see the photo below) and a few things stood out.  The first being it says 100% juice, which evidently means nothing else was added.  But much more importantly than that was the amount of sugar in a serving, which by the way is 8oz…but for comparison sake I'm using 12 oz since that's how many ounces there are in a can of Coke.  With TPP OJ there are 33 grams of sugar per 12 oz serving and 165 calories….at roughly 4 calories per gram for carbohydrate that means that roughly 80% of the calories are from sugar (not good, especially if you want to lose weight).  

Not only that, but something else that you see on the label is “pasteurized”.  This basically means we cook the hell out of the juice to kill everything alivie in it so we can bottle, ship and store it on a shelf in the store for you to buy and then you can keep it at home for awhile and not have it go bad.  Ok, great, so you in theory won’t get sick from bacteria since we killed all of it…however, what they don’t tell you is the heat doesn’t distinguish between good and bad so what happens is everything gets killed or degraded in the process.  In other words, all of the healthy things like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other phytonutrieints get destroyed when the heating occurs.  So this means any vitamins or other nutrients in the juice are artificial ones they add afterwards…and guess what, your body doesn’t like fake nutrition.

Sounds very pure and natural

But the bigger shock should be that if you drink 1 12 oz glass of juice every day for a year you will have consumed the caloric equivalent of about 17 lbs of mostly sugar, fructose to be exact, which is a whole other story…but suffice to say that the quantity that most people consume nowadays is doing a lot to hold you back from your fat loss goals.

Sugar helps you build this

And guess how much exercise you would need to do every day just to cancel out all of those sugar calories…try 40 minutes of 4mph walking, that’s not a stroll in any regard.  Remember, you have to do that every single day you drink that seemingly innocent glass of “healthy orange juice” or more accurately “sugar”.

And just for comparison sake…a coke only has 6 g more of sugar per 12 oz!  Not that coke is an alternative , because it’s certainly not for many reasons…can we say chemicals, phony colors, hfc and much more.

12 oz can only 1 partial cube ahead of a 12 oz OJ

The point is…OJ is little or no better than soda….it’s sugar…empty calories with fake vitamins and nothing that’s alive.  If you really want an orange….eat a dang orange...hey shove a straw in an orange like the TPP package shows…has about half the sugar…actually has fiber and natural vitamins and nutrients that you can’t get from the juice that’s been in the bottle for a long time!

glass is only 8oz add 3 more cubes to compare to Coke above

Still drinking OJ….your fat will say thank you…it’s existence depends on it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do You Like Baci Bistro Downtown Pleasanton?

Baci Bistro & Bar Pleasanton – This place has a number of great options if you are looking to lose fat and be healthy you just need a strategy going for fat loss flags...breaded, creamy, sauce, dressing...and then request these on the side or in the case of breaded avoid ordering those items (kinda hard to scrape breading off and looks tacky in a nice restaurant) choices here and high quality meats but remember it's a restaurant so they will use many sauces and dressings...they will accommodate your requests just ask a interesting side note when you have a request (this isn't a Baci thing, it's anywhere in life) add a because to your statement and people are much more likely to say yes....90% vs 60%

Before you head out to the Baci Restaurant in Pleasanton check out my choices below...

  • Soup & Salad Mixed Greens, Beet, Spinach or Field of Berries - of course dressing on the's great you can add your choice of meat to these....these are great salads in my experience...soups are best avoided because it's hard to know what's in them....again liquid calories that have unknown ingredients are a's what you don't see that can hurt your efforts to lose fat
  • Gourmet Sandwiches – as you know I'm not a big sandwich person...gluten intolerance...but if I had to choose one I would select the Fillet Steak or Blackened Salmon Fillet...........and btw sourdough is fermented so better option if gluten is a concern....but if you get the sandwich I always say only eat half of the bread....remember it's the things that quickly turn to sugar when you eat them that make and keep you fat....bread turns to sugar quickly when you eat eat less bread.  Plus you get the awesome organic spring mix salad too...dressing on the side!
  • Pasta Specialties - I'd do Chicken Picata with Linguini or Sautéed Fresh Clams Linguini....if I had to choose pasta....I would only eat half the pasta....again I'm not a pasta fan because of gluten and you shouldn't be one if you want to lose fat....again turns to sugar quickly!

  • Soup & Salad - see lunch as the menu in this section is basically the same...particularly the choices I recommended for you
  • Starters -I'd take the Thai Fillet Steak Skewers....the Steamed Mussels and Prawns look alright...just watch the sauce and nix the bread altogether
  • Pasta Specialties - Chicken Milano or Seafood Pasta or Veal Piccata...I personally wouldn't get pasta...but the chicken looks the best....ask for sauce on the side or you'll have to do some de-saucing yourself...and only eat half of the pasta
  • Steak & Seafood - now this is the section of the menu you want to jump to for the best choices...and most if not all look like they would be good...however lets narrow it down to a few...Grilled Salmon....or Ribeye with the Pork Chop looking good too.....I avoid most fish because of the fact that it's hard to get fish without the mercury and toxins (the bigger the fish the worse it is) and you don't get much good fat in many of them...hence go with the salmon....I would get the ribeye myself...and ask for any sauce or cream etc on the side....this is where the calories that you don't want are at....hey and you get a vegetable with these as well

Baci Specials
  • These come from their main menu for the most part and are designed for two...I wouldn't do it because you get things you don't need like dessert...but if you do go with this menu I would select House Salad w/dressing on the side and Oven Roasted free range half-chicken...looks like you don't have the choice on the dessert as it says chef's choice...hence order from the regular menu
Drinks/Wine/Bar Menu
  • Bar menu only at dinner...and is pretty much the starters from the dinner menu...obviously avoid wine hand cocktails if you want to lose weight....just one a day will hurt your weight loss...the calories are all from sugar and alcohol irritates your digestive system so you won't be able to absorb the good food your eating nor can you absorb the nutrients....oh yes and alcohol also screws up your hormones...increases your estrogen levels which is associated with fat decide what your priorities are
SIDE NOTE(nothing to do with Baci...everything to do with you):  If you want to drink regularly don't plan on losing fat and don't walk around complaining about how you can't understand why you can't lose decide...everything that matters involves sacrifice and inconvenience...which you already know, but is worth repeating.

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The main things I look for are indications of sauces, heavy cream, and things that will quickly turn to sugar in your body (which you don't want when trying to lose fat).  For example...any type of bread, potato, dressing, or sauce is a red flag to look for when you want to keep your fat loss efforts on track while dining out in Pleasanton.

Leave a comment on what you've had at Baci when you're trying to lose fat!

Check out the Baci website here

Up next on what to eat at Pleasanton restaurants… Barone's

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Discover How to Eat Well at Oasis Grille Pleasanton Without Feeling Guilty

Oasis Grille & Wine Lounge Pleasanton – hey no breakfast here, but they do have nice options like Kabobs and some of their specialties with many veggie and meat options…as always sauces are what will get you and creamy this and that will be where you have to watch out (only eat half of the sauces/sides and put them on yourself), …doesn't mention anything about healthy requests, but I'm sure they will be flexible given this is a nice and popular local restaurant.  Their lunch and dinner menus are pretty much the same (see below)

Before you head out to the Oasis in Pleasanton check out my choices below in the various categories from their menu. 

  • Starters – Oasis Hummus Fusion...the Global Cheese Plate, House Marinated Olives and Oasis Sampler are ones I would go for...if you like Hummus you'll be lovin most things here...since much of this is vegetarian it should be ok...just don't go nuts on the dips and sauces and no matter what you choose remember they all have calories so think about how much you plan to eat in total
  • Greens – all look ok sans the Caesar....get the dressing on the side so you can add yourself...I would likely pick the Greek Garden....if you go with the mixed greens watch the raisins, candied walnuts and dried cranberries on the others, you can also add various meats
  •  Gyros – I would probably avoid these because of bread....but the Cilantro Wrap looks the should add chicken....since it comes with salad choose the House salad
  • Flatbread Pizzas - personally I would suggest none of these...too many refined carbs with the bread...and gluten which is inflammatory and will contribute to fat gain
  • From the Grille - I'd choose Grilled Lamb Chops...the other choices look pretty good as well but they come with potatoes which can be a danger for those looking to lose fat...if you go with any of these other options just watch the "creamy potatoes" literally :)
  • Shish Kabobs - for your side choose the asparagus or house salad and whichever sauce you pick ask for it on the side so you can add it yourself - all the Kabob options look great - I would pick the Oasis Mix Grille so you can combine 2 of the great choices - BTW I personally think the Kabobs are the best choice for an entree on the menu
  • Oasis Specialties - go for the Kabuli or Sabzi and add the meat of your choice then you get your veggies, eat a little bit of the rice and then the protein...these I would say are right up there with the Kabobs as excellent choices if you're trying to lose fat

  • These are all to be avoided if you're looking to lose fat....obviously they are sugar in various forms if you're somehow forced to eat some just have 1 or 2 bites and that's it...this is obviously if you're with people who insist on getting a can instead order coffee or one of their many teas (NO CHAI LATTE )
  • If you think you have to have it, wine is the most calorie friendly per ounce, which for fat loss you really shouldn't (irritates the the digestive system even if you don't "feel it", increases estrogen levels (fat storage) and is pure sugar), select a lighter wine that isn't very sweet so you get a lower amount of sugar and certainly have no more than one glass (Chardonnay and whites generally have lower sugar than the reds)...helps if you wait to start drinking until you have food so you don't spike your blood sugar as much, which is not good for fat loss.  As for cocktails...a light rum or gin and stick with those not involving sweet mixes like juice and soda
  • Beers - light beer will have the lowest calories...Coors Light here...but really beer doesn't equal anything but fat gain

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The main things I look for are indications of sauces, heavy cream, and things that will quickly turn to sugar in your body (which you don't want when trying to lose fat).  For example...any type of bread, potato, dressing, or sauce is a red flag to look for when you want to keep your fat loss efforts on track while dining out in Pleasanton.

Leave a comment on what you choose at Oasis when you're trying to lose weight!

Check out the Oasis website here

Up next on what to eat at Pleasanton restaurants… Baci Bistro & Bar

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ronald McDonald - Your Nutrition Czar?

I'll have a salad and a diet coke
It seems we have a czar for every possible area...but who really tells us what to eat?

Could it be clowns in yellow jumpsuits with floppy red shoes and a tight perm?

If you look at many people today you wouldn't be unreasonable to assume they get their nutrition advice from the likes of Ronald McDonald, The King, Jack, Colonel Sanders and others.

Of course everyone has to take personal responsibility for their eating choices...but by the looks of it most people aren't doing themselves any favors.

Watch this McDonalds drive thru video to see what kind of nutrition advice the man behind the speaker gives...his response is quite interesting.

Hey, you can find something that is kind of healthy if you are forced into an undesirable rendezvous with the golden arches and not go hungry or blow your eating out of the water.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Breakfast at Stacey's Downtown Pleasanton?

Stacey's Cafe Pleasanton – yes they have weekend breakfast 8-11am and they have some very good selections…and use quality ingredients (see below)…again sauces are what will get you (only eat half of the sauces/sides and put them on yourself), …they will accommodate your healthy requests.  Nice downtown spot...with funny menus and Dilbert items since Scott Adams is behind the place (not literally of course...he has his own place to stay).

Before your next visit to Stacey's check out my choices below in the various categories from their menu. Check out their site here

  • Salads Cobb Salad would be my choice...the Spinach and House salads look pretty good as well (just watch the croutons and definitely get dressings on the side)
  • Starters – I would choose Antipasto or Poke Tuna (of course steer clear of included bread and minimize sauces)
  •  Sandwiches – Free Range California Chicken Sandwich...I normally avoid sandwiches because I have gluten can always only eat the sandwich open face with only half the bread the salmon and veggie sandwich also look like great options - sauces on side so you can decide how much of them you want
  • Entrees - Grilled Natural Salmon Filet (crispy fried onion stuff you should push to the side), Fish Tacos (avoid the whole tortilla and adjust the sauce that's included), Crab Crusted Mahi-Mahi (you don't have to eat the whole can take it with you)

  • Starters - same as lunch see above
  • Entrees - Pan Seared Ahi, Jambalaya, Rib Eye, Salmon Filet, Short Ribs, Filet may want to ask for sauces on the side so you can add them yourself and while the potatoes with some of these look decent try to only eat half of what they give you.
  • Sides - Vegetables, Long Grain Rice or Yukon Gold Mash Potatoes
  • Kids - Maybe the Chicken Tenders but nix the fries...otherwise none of it looks healthy

Breakfast (weekend mornings)

  • Pleasanton Special I would opt for no toast and then see if you can get fruit instead of potatoes, Healthy Scramble tell them to use the whole's good for you  because that's where all the nutrients are...any of the Omelets...for the create your own I would get chicken, tomato and avocado
  • Sides - they all look ok, just remember to get enough protein...i.e. don't just order yogurt and fruit...not enough protein in that meal
  • Beverages the house blend coffee or hot teas (no juice, it's not healthy, it's sugar!)
Desserts - obviously none of them are healthy but if you absolutely have to get one "The Latest Scoop" gelato or sorbet look to be the best (You really don't need this and you know it)

Drinks...any of the teas would be an ok option other than the obvious water

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The deal is I try to avoid things that turn to sugar quickly...because if you're trying to lose fat that's where the problem is in your eating too much sugar...bread, potatoes, fruit , sauces and beverages that aren't water or tea turn into sugar in your body and contribute heavily (no pun intended) to being fat.

A great thing to note at Stacey's is the following from their website...

No matter how finicky you are, our servers are trained to resist the urge to slap you senseless. Feel free to ask for changes to your meal. We can add garlic, delete spices, remove meat if you’re a vegetarian -- whatever change you like -- as long as it’s legal. And if no one is watching, we’re flexible on the legal thing too. We are also proud to only serve Petaluma Farms free-range chicken and battery cage free eggs!

Leave a comment on what you choose at Stacey's when you're trying to be healthy!

Up next on what to eat at Pleasanton restaurants… Oasis Grille

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do I Need a MultiVitamin Supplement?

Ever wondered if you should take a multivitamin and what to look for when selecting one?

Watch this video to find out why your cheap Costco and Walmart vitamins are virtually useless.

This video is short, straightforward and should clear up much confusion on this subject

There are key levels and forms of nutrients to look for when selecting a multivitamin...Vitamin E, Selenium...

Find out why one a days just don't get the job done!  Sorry Centrum and other advertised brands.

Iherb is by far the best supplement source online...any quality prices, fast, free's where I buy my supplements.

Go to this page to buy yours and get a special discount.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You Are EXHAUSTED...Stop Lying to Yourself!

Is this you when you start to read?
And here's the best way to prove it.  Stop reading this post now, go pick up your favorite book and start reading...if you start to doze in just a few're sleep and then come back to this after your nap.

Ok?  Do it now...and I mean it!  I'm gonna do it too..before I keep writing.

It's about a week later...and I have gotten a lot more sleep....and hopefully you have too!

But you what?  What does me getting more sleep have to do with losing fat?

It has a whole lot to do with losing fat!  Because lack of sleep = more stress...and more stress = body saying blank you to losing fat...(i.e. it ain't happening buddy because I can't even do my basic survival work so I sure as heck aren't gonna get rid of fat...hell I might need the energy later)!

That's pretty much what your body says when you constantly get too little sleep.

Here is how being exhausted gets right up between you and fat that you're rested you should be able to remember this stuff!  If not, go back to bed...

1. Jacks (literally) up your Hormones - despite all of our modern conveniences and feelings of advancement your body still operates with an ancient survival mentality...

Look Unhealthy
In other words, when it's light your body thinks it's summer so your body increases levels of the stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and leptin to drive appetite and high levels of insulin to signal fat storage.  After awhile your body no longer responds well to these hormones...just in time for winter with its shorter days, less to eat and more time for sleep.  With this increase in sleep your body gradually starts to repair, become more sensitive to hormones, burn more fat and increase energy levels in preparation for the longer days of summer.

Look Healthy
Problem is, with all of our artificial light sources (tv, phones, computers, lights), temperature controls (AC and heat) your body thinks it's summer all of the time!  Thus you always want to eat more food and store fat because your activity levels are nowhere near enough to burn off all of the crappy calories from all of the modern foods and stimulants you need to keep yourself going you get tired, depressed and fat!  You don't get to the slow down time where your body can actually repair.  It's like driving a car all the time and never doing maintenance....eventually it breaks down.  Bad news if you want to lose fat stay energetic and be healthy.

2. Screws Up your Recovery Ability - if you aren't sleeping enough your body cannot recover and rebuild from your workouts not to mention other stresses.  You have to understand that you make progress when you rest NOT when you work out (or place constant stress on yourself).  This is a huge mistake that, if you're like most people, you make particularly when you want to lose fat.  You think, I have to work out all the time...lift weights, do an hour of cardio (at least 6 days a week), starve myself with calorie deficient diets and load yourself up with caffeine and sugar so you can function (adding even more stress) and then bitch like hell when you never lose any fat.

Is Yours?

If you work out excessively and eat crap, your body will emphatically say NO TO FAT LOSS.  Like anything else...proper dosages are key in order to get the desired response...and with most people's modern hectic lifestyle LESS IS MORE when it comes to exercise.  If you're stressed out and you know it, stop and rest unless you want to stay fat and frustrated.

3. Messes Up Your Mind and Motivation - When you've stayed up half the night do you really feel motivated to jump out of bed and do a workout or prepare your healthy food for the days meals.  Absolutely not!  All you want to do is sleep or look for the nearest caffeine or sugar source to rev you up so you can drag yourself through the day.  Not to mention you certainly don't feel like being positive, friendly or socially interactive which of course makes your levels of stress hormones skyrocket and your desire to eat and do things that will derail and destroy your fat loss efforts.

So here's what you should do if you want to lose fat

Don't eat after 7pm - this lets your body go longer without food which allows your cells to become more responsive to hormones like insulin, leptin and cortisol and thus reversing the effect of excess stress.

Go to bed by 10pm - you need more time to let your body cycle your wake hormones down and get into the fat burning mode not to mention you can accelerate your aging by up to 4 times when you ignore the day and night cycles

Turn off all Light Sources - even a small amount of light reduces melatonin by 80% and will increase dopamine and you'll be awake for at least an extra 30 minutes

Here's a good video about why sleep is it!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Losing Fat Seem Impossible?

You're not one study when comparing those overweight individuals who exercised 5 days per week with those who did not....after 4 months the exercise group only lost 2 lbs of fat...pretty pathetic for four months worth of workouts.  Obviously nutrition must enter the equation if you want to see some good results.

Well, there's more to the story...even if you change your eating, if your digestion is poor you won't absorb nutrients essential to fat loss and thus your "better eating" won't do much good.

If you are overweight your digestive system is likely not working correctly.  Particularly if you regularly eat sugar, drink alcohol, eat processed foods etc.  The stress and damage this type of eating does will cause you to have an unfavorable ratio of good to bad bacteria in your gut.

Before you say, I eat yogurt to get probiotics, let me warn you.  Processed yogurt (yes if you buy it in the store it is processed) has very little living beneficial bacteria...what is there is not enough to turn your gut around.  Yogurt is pasteurized which kills most if not all living bacteria, good or bad, and who knows how long it's been sitting in a warehouse before you get it in your body.  So no yogurt isn't going to be the solution.

You need to take a high quality probiotic supplement daily in the morning at least 30 min before you eat so you get the optimal benefits.  You will notice a difference quickly!

Watch this video to see what I take and recommend.

Learn more here... Benefits of Probiotics

Get your probiotics where I do here...Check Out What I Use

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