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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who Else is Sick and Tired of Long Workouts?

If you’re like me, you not only hate long workouts (60 minutes is long), but you don’t have time for them!  I mean seriously…you have a life, friends, work, sleeping, eating etc…you can’t be spending an hour a day at the gym!  And by the time you figure in getting ready to go…driving there and driving back…you’re talking 2 hours!  Way too long!

Is this how you feel?
But you're probably saying to yourself…isn’t that what the “official recommendations for exercise say I have to do?"  

Who makes these recommendations?   

Some talking head academic type who sits in a bureaucratic office somewhere and follows the 40 year old out of date food pyramid and rda nonsense that has helped create a society where the majority of people are fat!   

looks like a fitness expert to me

As I heard a fairly well known anti-establishment fitness guru say to one of these types who was trying to argue that he didn’t know what he was talking about in terms of fitness and nutrition, “ok fine, you come up here on the stage and we’ll both take our clothes off and then we’ll let the audience decide whose advice they should follow”.

Guess what?  

You don’t have to dread those long workouts anymore.   


Because they’ve even shown through research now, what many people have known for a long time…60 minute workouts don’t get any better results than 30 minute workouts.  And hey, remember…exercise is cumulative…so you don’t have to do it all at once to make it effective.  This is proven by research, just like the the placebo effect.  This tells you how powerful your mind can be!

And for real world examples look no further than the difference between sprinters and marathon runners.  Sprinters are lean and toned…whereas marathoners look like they need to eat a big steak dinner.   
Could it be their training?

Which would you rather?
…keep the long ass workouts that you dread and are lucky to get in twice per week…or cut it down and get them in 4-5 times a week?

Less really is more.  Unless you are an Olympic athlete or some other professional sports participant…there is no need for you to do endless amounts of exercise, particularly when it comes to cardio.   

If you’ve ever stepped into a health club or even just gone by chances are you’ve seen a familiar scene…the same people looking the same as they did 10 years ago endlessly churning away on the same fancy piece of equipment.   If they aren’t looking any different except for perhaps an older skinny fat version of their stressed out self with various braces and enhanced Neanderthal like posture why would anyone want to do this.   

This workout stuff sucks.

Why is this?  If you asked them my guess is they would say because either someone told them they should do it or they read or heard somewhere that this is the best way to burn fat, lower cholesterol, and live longer.  Reality is they are probably doing it out of habit…and it’s sad to say they are wasting their time.  

I read an article not too long ago about middle aged weekend warrior types who due to the years of repetitive exercise are having all kinds of significant medical procedures done like hip replacements, knee replacements, plastic surgery and so forth.   

Perhaps this should be a hint…beating the hell out of your body because you want to do the same things in your 40’s and 50’s that you did in your 20’s is not only financially costly but costly in terms of the long term effects on your health.  There is plenty of research indicating that excessive aerobic activity creates excess free radicals in the body that help to speed up the aging process.  Showing that those who do a lot of aerobic exercise can actually increase their risk of having heart problems…so stop subscribing to the more is better attitude of the American culture.

Is it really worth it?

What’s the solution?

Work out less but do so with more intensity and focus.  Because the reality is if you’re busting your ass during a workout you’ll be lucky to make it through a half-hour or even less.  So what if you burn more calories…as the research showed you don’t burn double the calories in twice the time and (this is well known) after about 30 minutes your hormones start creating an environment that causes breakdown of muscle and diminishing returns.  Remember, you improve and make progress when you rest, not when you train.

Try doing more of this...
Check out my Done in 5 Fitness workouts on my Youtube channel (watch for more exciting developments in this area soon).  You have to start simple and master one thing at a time to be successful.  If you try to change everything at once you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Here’s a takeaway for you…you can use the extra time you have from cutting back your workouts to either sleep (highly recommended)…or prepare healthier meals.  Because, as anyone who has ever tried to lose fat knows, you can eat your way through any exercise program.  

If you aren’t willing to adjust your eating, your results will be minimal.  Hey, if I had a dollar for every time someone who wants to lose weight has told me “my eating is pretty good” I’d be collecting a lot of dollars.  The reality is, if your eating is pretty good, you wouldn’t need to lose weight…good is relative…good to most people who want to lose weight is actually not good at all.

Want to wear what you ate today?

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