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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Blue Agave Fare Anyone?

Blue Agave Club Pleasanton – they have some reasonable options…many gluten free items…the sides and sauces is what will get you (only eat half of the sauces/sides), …for a Mexican restaurant this about as good as you'll find for healthy options.  Decent place to go if you're focused on health as long as you are particular about your quantities (especially sauces and sides).

Before your next visit to Blue Agave Club check out my choices below in the various categories from their menu. Check out their site here

  • Appetizers – Guacamole and House Made Corn Chips (if you get an won't though) could go with an appetizer to minimize your portion size (sauces, sauces sauces)
  • Salad – pretty much any would be ok - get dressings on side or minimize
  •  Soup – Caldo de Pollo... soups are tough because you never know what's in the broth although the menu does say they are gluten free
  •  Combinations – Taco or Chile Relleno - easy on the rice and bean sides - eat half of the toppings and it will save you
  • Burritos – Vegetales, Pollo  - eat half of the sides and tortilla (best to avoid the tortilla, these aren't gluten free as they are flour)
  • Enchiladas – choose your preferred meat and go easy on the sauces, these are gluten free (light on the sauce)
  • Regional Specialties – I would choose the carnitas or carne asada – choose the corn over the flour tortilla(tell them light on the sauce for any of these)
  • House Specialties - I would choose mojo de ajo...take it easy again on the sides and sauces
  • Childs Plate - for the kids just get the taco and give them milk or soda (liquid calories)
  • Beverages - Organic Iced or Hot Tea and of course water ;)...remember avoid liquid calories

  • Soup - you are best to avoid because you don't know what's in the broth (liquid calories)
  • Salad - Verano - this is mixed greens with what appears to be an acceptable dressing
  • Entrees - Blue Agave Steak or Hangar Steak (get the sauce on the side or scrape it off)
  • Child's Plate - Jr Steak or Jr Chicken (see the theme, avoid sauces and sides in excess) you can only order this if you're under 12...even though the portion size is probably better
  • Sides - seasonal vegetables

Drinks...of course I have to mention the drinks...since they are known for their Tequila's and Margaritas...hey tequila is gluten free and you'd be better off getting straight tequila then a calorie filled margarita...however, here you'll probably get the best quality margarita you'll find at any restaurant...they make their own mix...just don't go to crazy and not every time you go here!

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The clear message at Blue Agave is to avoid or minimize the sauces and sides (beans and rice = a lot of calories).  In the fine print on the dinner menu there is a note that states..."All ingredients are not listed.  If you have food allergies or special needs, please inform your server."  In other words you don't know what is in the sauces...and what you don't know can cause you problems when you are trying to lose fat. (the goal is to lose fat not weight...)  On the good side this also means they will try to accommodate your just have to say speak up...your results depend on it!  

Leave a comment on what you choose at Blue Agave when you're trying to be healthy!

This is the second in my series on what to eat at Pleasanton restaurants…next up Stacey's Cafe

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