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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't Know What to Eat at Pasta's Downtown Pleasanton?

Pastas Trattoria – this is a tough one…while tasty food…healthy options are tough beyond the salads, primarily because of all the sauces, pastas, and bread…go figure it’s Italian LOL  Not the place you want to eat regularly if you’re looking for weight loss.

Before your next visit to Pasta’s check out my choices in the various categories from their menu. Check out their site here

  • Appetizers – Grilled Tri-Tip Skewers, Smoked Salmon
  • Salad – pretty much any would be ok -Mista, Berry Salad, Spinach & Prawns                          (get dressings on side or avoid)
  •  Soup – None – if I had to pick one Carmelized Onion
  •  Pizza – None – if I had to pick one Margherita
  •  Sandwich – (avoid the pasta salad and fries sides, get them without the bread or eat only half the bread, sauces on the side or none) Pesto Chicken, Sliced Filet, BLTA
  • Pasta – None – if I had to pick one Capellini/Penne Alla Vodka (light on the sauce)
  • Secondi – Eggplant Parmesan – (tell them light on the sauce for any of these)

  • Appetizers – Charcuterie Plate
  • Salads – see lunch
  • Pizza – see lunch
  •  Pasta – see lunch
  • Secondi – Brandy Peppercorn Chicken, Filet Mignon, the other meats minimize the pasta and sauce

  • Denver omelet, Italian veggie omelet
  • 2 eggs any style with bacon
  • (go with the  potatoes/fruit side eat some not all of each)

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The first thing to remember when you go to restaurants is…beware of liquid calories (this includes sauces).  Ordering soda, alcohol, and other calorie containing beverages is a big danger.  If you’re serious about losing weight just order water with a lemon…it won’t kill you.  Then, if you look at the menu items…the flags are the dressings, sauces etc…they have the hidden calories!  Since most people are getting fat by eating way too much of the wrong kind of carbs (bread,  pasta, potatoes, fruit).  

This is the first of my weekly series on what to eat at Pleasanton restaurants…next up Blue Agave Club

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