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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fast Food Fitness - Jack's in the House!

Discover how you can have lunch with Jack and feel good about yourself afterwards.

Do you find yourself running out for fast food because of all the craziness going on during your day?

You're not the only one...but no longer do you have to feel guilty about dining with Jack...because there are healthy options when you go to Jack's house to eat.

Watch this video now and find out what's healthy at Jack's house!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Frazzled, Starving and Exhausted! - Part 2

True that!
Believe it or not...this is really true!  You can be fat and literally starving your body.  Just like you can be thin and starving.  Hunger starts on the inside and eventually manifests itself outwardly.  The old adage, don't judge a book by its cover, is certainly true.

How often do you find yourself working away at something, whether it be that damn spreadsheet that you just can't get to work right or those last bits of dust you just can't seem to get out from under that iphone (it really is better than all those other smart phones) screen protector, while you are so damn hungry you're on your 5th dry drink from the large (oh that's right it's a venti) starbucks coffee you had this morning? 

We've all been in this situation, the question is, are you there hourly, daily, every few days?

Seriously, how often are you feeling like you might go postal, lash out, or be subconsciously forced to devour the 3 remaining crispy creme donuts your health conscious co-worker brought in this morning?

I just couldn't take it any longer
If this sounds even remotely familiar...then you are literally starving yourself...which means your body will hold on to your fat tighter than a baby holds on to a blankie.

So here's how to combat this....

Starvation Combat Tip #1 - take a high quality probiotic as soon as you get up every morning (drink 1/2 Liter of water with it) so you will actually digest and absorb the food you eat...don't give me this my digestion is fine nonsense...because unless you never eat sugar, processed food or take medication then it's not fine and you'll be able to tell in a day or two after you start taking the probiotic (no, eating 1 cup of some processed yogurt that was made months ago in a factory is not enough)

I take these every day.

Starvation Combat Tip #2 -  Eat breakfast that contains mostly protein and a small amount of carbs...(i.e. eggs (no they won't raise cholesterol), sausage/bacon/other meat (just get the unprocessed, unpreserved kind)...carbs should be a small amount of fruit (berries are best)...not juice...unless you make it from raw fruit.  Avoid breads and pastries...they screw up your blood sugar and irritate your digestive matter what anyone says.  This tip alone will keep you full until it's time for your next meal.

this is a healthy breakfast
Starvation Combat Tip #3 -  plan your eating and keep healthy snacks with you so you don't get stuck without any food...nuts, fruit, nut butters, jerky (natural snappin into a slim jim)

you should have these around
Follow these tips and you won't have to worry about STARVING anymore....or looking like the lady at the top!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Frazzled, Starving and Exhausted!

And you just grabbed your luggage off the baggage carousel and are trying to figure out where you need to go to pick up your rental car.  It’s only 8 o’clock and you have a meeting at 9, and the drive is at least 30 minutes if the traffic is good!  That’s a big IF with LA traffic…especially with the nightmarish seemingly endless construction on the 405.

This is the story for many harried business travelers (aka road warriors).  The pressure and demands are almost endless in today’s connected world where coworkers and bosses can reach you at almost any hour via that oh so convenient smartphone that dings every time you get an email, text, tweet or other form of “I am always accessible and will answer instantly” communication.  

DeFrazzling Tip #1...set boundaries and put your damn phone in airplane mode for at least 1 hour each day. 

Mine is in airplane mode right now, with wifi off.  Hey, unless you know you have someone breaking down your door for a $1 million dollar life changing deal that expires in 5 minutes, chances are you aren’t going to be missing much in that hour.  And btw, if you’re getting those kind of emails in your inbox and actually responding…you have some other more pressing issues to resolve.  Just sayin…

I don’t know about you, but it’s actually really nice to be on an airplane where people can’t be making and receiving calls in a cramped uncomfortable space.  My request…please airlines don’t allow passengers to use their cellphones in flight!  Would you want to get stuck having to listen to some loud obnoxious person yick yacking on their phone about nonsense for several hours with no way to get away from them.  I think not!

Is This You?
Defrazzling Tip #2…turn off the notification noise for email on your computer and mobile device(s). 

This was the best thing I ever did…major stress reducer…and reduces the pavlovian response to ever ping, ding, and brrrrinnggg you hear.  You know what I’m talking about…with every noise you hear you’re reaching for your device because it might be that million dollar email that expires in 3 seconds if you don’t check it now!

It’s sad we need to say devices…but hey we can’t have only one mobile device...we need a palm full of them.  I know, bad joke…which anyone under 30 won’t get.

he's on the right side of the lane
Defrazzling Tip #3…do 1 thing at a time because more is stressful…and dangerous
There is a very small percentage of people who can actually multi-task at all…and even they won’t be as effective as they would be doing one thing at a time.  You know how it is…driving down the freeway with your knee while talking on the phone, sending a text and eating.  YES I’VE DONE IT AND YOU PROBABLY HAVE TOO.  It really is stressful, especially in crappy traffic.  Ever notice how much better others seem to drive when you aren’t trying to do 10 things while driving

Doing the above will help you look and feel better because when you say yes to high stress your body always says no to fat loss

I’m going to post about starvation next….you are starving and you just don’t know it!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eating and Drinking in the Car

Discover how to avoid ruining your best intentions for sticking to your diet on a road trip.  From beverages and snacks to fast food stops.  Even preparing ahead of time for meals and restaurants.

Watch this short video for some real life tips and fails.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Blue Agave Fare Anyone?

Blue Agave Club Pleasanton – they have some reasonable options…many gluten free items…the sides and sauces is what will get you (only eat half of the sauces/sides), …for a Mexican restaurant this about as good as you'll find for healthy options.  Decent place to go if you're focused on health as long as you are particular about your quantities (especially sauces and sides).

Before your next visit to Blue Agave Club check out my choices below in the various categories from their menu. Check out their site here

  • Appetizers – Guacamole and House Made Corn Chips (if you get an won't though) could go with an appetizer to minimize your portion size (sauces, sauces sauces)
  • Salad – pretty much any would be ok - get dressings on side or minimize
  •  Soup – Caldo de Pollo... soups are tough because you never know what's in the broth although the menu does say they are gluten free
  •  Combinations – Taco or Chile Relleno - easy on the rice and bean sides - eat half of the toppings and it will save you
  • Burritos – Vegetales, Pollo  - eat half of the sides and tortilla (best to avoid the tortilla, these aren't gluten free as they are flour)
  • Enchiladas – choose your preferred meat and go easy on the sauces, these are gluten free (light on the sauce)
  • Regional Specialties – I would choose the carnitas or carne asada – choose the corn over the flour tortilla(tell them light on the sauce for any of these)
  • House Specialties - I would choose mojo de ajo...take it easy again on the sides and sauces
  • Childs Plate - for the kids just get the taco and give them milk or soda (liquid calories)
  • Beverages - Organic Iced or Hot Tea and of course water ;)...remember avoid liquid calories

  • Soup - you are best to avoid because you don't know what's in the broth (liquid calories)
  • Salad - Verano - this is mixed greens with what appears to be an acceptable dressing
  • Entrees - Blue Agave Steak or Hangar Steak (get the sauce on the side or scrape it off)
  • Child's Plate - Jr Steak or Jr Chicken (see the theme, avoid sauces and sides in excess) you can only order this if you're under 12...even though the portion size is probably better
  • Sides - seasonal vegetables

Drinks...of course I have to mention the drinks...since they are known for their Tequila's and Margaritas...hey tequila is gluten free and you'd be better off getting straight tequila then a calorie filled margarita...however, here you'll probably get the best quality margarita you'll find at any restaurant...they make their own mix...just don't go to crazy and not every time you go here!

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The clear message at Blue Agave is to avoid or minimize the sauces and sides (beans and rice = a lot of calories).  In the fine print on the dinner menu there is a note that states..."All ingredients are not listed.  If you have food allergies or special needs, please inform your server."  In other words you don't know what is in the sauces...and what you don't know can cause you problems when you are trying to lose fat. (the goal is to lose fat not weight...)  On the good side this also means they will try to accommodate your just have to say speak up...your results depend on it!  

Leave a comment on what you choose at Blue Agave when you're trying to be healthy!

This is the second in my series on what to eat at Pleasanton restaurants…next up Stacey's Cafe

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spacious, Beautiful, World Class Air Travel?

If only every flight had space like this...

virtual  private jet

With weather like this...

Yes I like Southwest

And service like this...

need I say more

The drama of the high pace world of today is inescapable for most...and when you travel even more drama is piled on without even mentioning trying to stay healthy.

However...thanks to todays technology and options provided that cater more to those trying to live a healthy lifestyle things are dare I say easier than they used to be when it comes to staying on the health track when traveling through the air.

Hey, you can set reminders and even have Siri remind you to do the things below.

The key of course is preparation.  I know...a broken record...but it's true...

Hydration strategy for flying...

unless you bring your own
Make sure you bring 1 or 2, 1/2 liter bottles of water with you when you are going to the airport.  Drink one or both on the way to the airport...before security and save one of the empty bottles (or you can bring a reusable water bottle of your choice).  Once through security fill up the empty bottle or 2 if it's a long you will have plenty of water and not be relying on the miniature airplane cups filled with ice (especially if you have a long flight).  Then you won't have to spend $4 on a bottle of water after security.  If you are one of those who doesn't drink water on a plane because you don't want to get up and use the restroom you should reconsider (sitting for long periods is known to cause deep vein thrombosis) because you will get dehydrated on an airplane because the air is really dry.  Hey it will help you feel more energized when traveling if you stay hydrated...

Take home message - 1/2 Liter per hour of flight time.  This will work well in the continental US...those big long overseas will have to drink airline water unless you plan on having a water carry on.  Meaning you'll have to spend a lot of money on airport bottle water or cart a whole bunch of empty bottles through security...might not be kosher with the tsa personnel.

Eating strategy for flying...

Always eat a substantial good quality meal before you go to the airport...I don't care if it's 4 in the need to eat!  Because if you don't you will get to the airport and be forced to either buy outrageously priced mostly unhealthy airport food or you will starve yourself until you get to your destination and consequently feel like crap when you get there.  The other thing that will happen if you don't take eating into your own hands is that  by the time you do eat you will be so hungry that you'll eat anything you see...and it will likely be a bunch of garbage that's not good for you.

found on trees?
Anymore it's not like you can wait to get on the plane to get some quality food...ooohhh you might get some 5 yr old fake cheese and cracker pack or pretzels, peanuts etc.  And you would be naive to think airlines are dropping the coin to get high quality snacks with the tight margins they have they are getting the cheapest stuff they can find!  Thus you should also bring some high quality snacks with you that will keep you going.  Things like nuts, fruit (apples), some high quality food bars (not granola and other processed sugar filled products masquerading as health food), high quality jerky (you need protein )

Movement strategy for flying...

not sure what airline they're flying on?
Get off your butt and move around...whatever you do avoid sitting still in your seat the whole time.  Assuming the seatbelt sign is off and it's safe to do so, you should get up at least once an hour and at the minimum stand and alternate tightening and relaxing your muscles throughout your body to keep blood flowing.  I usually get up and walk to the back of the plane and stand...and if you're hydrating and eating (see above) you'll need to use the restroom.  Dang the restrooms are small though, normal size people can barely fit in them so I don't even want to think about how bigger people maneuver.

Here's a short somewhat humorous video I made demonstrating how to work out on an airplane.  Some of these techniques might work well on early morning flights that are virtual ghost towns.  Others you can do more covertly so those who are centimeters away don't start getting worried.

Part II, later this week will cover ground travel health...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Furniture Slider Workout?

Furniture Slider Workout that Gets Results (You Will Feel This Immediately!)

This one incinerates flab from your thighs and gets your whole abdominal area!  Remember done in 5 minutes.  So do this one now!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jungle Gym Workout Anyone?

Jungle Gym Home Workout

Chest, Back and Leg workout...and you're done in 5 minutes guaranteed...all without going to the gym!

Get Your Jungle Gym by clicking the image below (Discounted)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't Know What to Eat at Pasta's Downtown Pleasanton?

Pastas Trattoria – this is a tough one…while tasty food…healthy options are tough beyond the salads, primarily because of all the sauces, pastas, and bread…go figure it’s Italian LOL  Not the place you want to eat regularly if you’re looking for weight loss.

Before your next visit to Pasta’s check out my choices in the various categories from their menu. Check out their site here

  • Appetizers – Grilled Tri-Tip Skewers, Smoked Salmon
  • Salad – pretty much any would be ok -Mista, Berry Salad, Spinach & Prawns                          (get dressings on side or avoid)
  •  Soup – None – if I had to pick one Carmelized Onion
  •  Pizza – None – if I had to pick one Margherita
  •  Sandwich – (avoid the pasta salad and fries sides, get them without the bread or eat only half the bread, sauces on the side or none) Pesto Chicken, Sliced Filet, BLTA
  • Pasta – None – if I had to pick one Capellini/Penne Alla Vodka (light on the sauce)
  • Secondi – Eggplant Parmesan – (tell them light on the sauce for any of these)

  • Appetizers – Charcuterie Plate
  • Salads – see lunch
  • Pizza – see lunch
  •  Pasta – see lunch
  • Secondi – Brandy Peppercorn Chicken, Filet Mignon, the other meats minimize the pasta and sauce

  • Denver omelet, Italian veggie omelet
  • 2 eggs any style with bacon
  • (go with the  potatoes/fruit side eat some not all of each)

Are you wondering how I chose the above?

The first thing to remember when you go to restaurants is…beware of liquid calories (this includes sauces).  Ordering soda, alcohol, and other calorie containing beverages is a big danger.  If you’re serious about losing weight just order water with a lemon…it won’t kill you.  Then, if you look at the menu items…the flags are the dressings, sauces etc…they have the hidden calories!  Since most people are getting fat by eating way too much of the wrong kind of carbs (bread,  pasta, potatoes, fruit).  

This is the first of my weekly series on what to eat at Pleasanton restaurants…next up Blue Agave Club

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who Else is Sick and Tired of Long Workouts?

If you’re like me, you not only hate long workouts (60 minutes is long), but you don’t have time for them!  I mean seriously…you have a life, friends, work, sleeping, eating etc…you can’t be spending an hour a day at the gym!  And by the time you figure in getting ready to go…driving there and driving back…you’re talking 2 hours!  Way too long!

Is this how you feel?
But you're probably saying to yourself…isn’t that what the “official recommendations for exercise say I have to do?"  

Who makes these recommendations?   

Some talking head academic type who sits in a bureaucratic office somewhere and follows the 40 year old out of date food pyramid and rda nonsense that has helped create a society where the majority of people are fat!   

looks like a fitness expert to me

As I heard a fairly well known anti-establishment fitness guru say to one of these types who was trying to argue that he didn’t know what he was talking about in terms of fitness and nutrition, “ok fine, you come up here on the stage and we’ll both take our clothes off and then we’ll let the audience decide whose advice they should follow”.

Guess what?  

You don’t have to dread those long workouts anymore.   


Because they’ve even shown through research now, what many people have known for a long time…60 minute workouts don’t get any better results than 30 minute workouts.  And hey, remember…exercise is cumulative…so you don’t have to do it all at once to make it effective.  This is proven by research, just like the the placebo effect.  This tells you how powerful your mind can be!

And for real world examples look no further than the difference between sprinters and marathon runners.  Sprinters are lean and toned…whereas marathoners look like they need to eat a big steak dinner.   
Could it be their training?

Which would you rather?
…keep the long ass workouts that you dread and are lucky to get in twice per week…or cut it down and get them in 4-5 times a week?

Less really is more.  Unless you are an Olympic athlete or some other professional sports participant…there is no need for you to do endless amounts of exercise, particularly when it comes to cardio.   

If you’ve ever stepped into a health club or even just gone by chances are you’ve seen a familiar scene…the same people looking the same as they did 10 years ago endlessly churning away on the same fancy piece of equipment.   If they aren’t looking any different except for perhaps an older skinny fat version of their stressed out self with various braces and enhanced Neanderthal like posture why would anyone want to do this.   

This workout stuff sucks.

Why is this?  If you asked them my guess is they would say because either someone told them they should do it or they read or heard somewhere that this is the best way to burn fat, lower cholesterol, and live longer.  Reality is they are probably doing it out of habit…and it’s sad to say they are wasting their time.  

I read an article not too long ago about middle aged weekend warrior types who due to the years of repetitive exercise are having all kinds of significant medical procedures done like hip replacements, knee replacements, plastic surgery and so forth.   

Perhaps this should be a hint…beating the hell out of your body because you want to do the same things in your 40’s and 50’s that you did in your 20’s is not only financially costly but costly in terms of the long term effects on your health.  There is plenty of research indicating that excessive aerobic activity creates excess free radicals in the body that help to speed up the aging process.  Showing that those who do a lot of aerobic exercise can actually increase their risk of having heart problems…so stop subscribing to the more is better attitude of the American culture.

Is it really worth it?

What’s the solution?

Work out less but do so with more intensity and focus.  Because the reality is if you’re busting your ass during a workout you’ll be lucky to make it through a half-hour or even less.  So what if you burn more calories…as the research showed you don’t burn double the calories in twice the time and (this is well known) after about 30 minutes your hormones start creating an environment that causes breakdown of muscle and diminishing returns.  Remember, you improve and make progress when you rest, not when you train.

Try doing more of this...
Check out my Done in 5 Fitness workouts on my Youtube channel (watch for more exciting developments in this area soon).  You have to start simple and master one thing at a time to be successful.  If you try to change everything at once you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Here’s a takeaway for you…you can use the extra time you have from cutting back your workouts to either sleep (highly recommended)…or prepare healthier meals.  Because, as anyone who has ever tried to lose fat knows, you can eat your way through any exercise program.  

If you aren’t willing to adjust your eating, your results will be minimal.  Hey, if I had a dollar for every time someone who wants to lose weight has told me “my eating is pretty good” I’d be collecting a lot of dollars.  The reality is, if your eating is pretty good, you wouldn’t need to lose weight…good is relative…good to most people who want to lose weight is actually not good at all.

Want to wear what you ate today?

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