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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top 5 Ways to “Get the Most Out of Your Workouts”

or plan to fail.
 Plan Ahead – don’t just make up a workout as you go…because you’ll waste time and not get the benefits as you should….you know you’ll do the easy stuff instead of the stuff that really pushes you toward your goals.

you know this is true...don't deny it
Turn off Distractions – you know about this one…hey I do too…gotta check my phone every time it makes that noise (hey you ever notice how when you hear the Apple “brrrlllinngg” a bunch of people jump thinking it might be their phone with an emergency text or email coming in)  this includes TV that causes you to lose focus because “I just want to see this one thing”  again all of this screws up your workout intensity and flow…no results

she's lifting more than you!
Choose the Right Resistance(this is a big time issue)– if you can keep going after you reach the number of reps you’re supposed to do then you’re wasting your time…that is if you want to progress.  The last 2-3 reps should be uncomfortably challenging…but in correct form – hey if you don’t use enough weight you won’t build muscle, your metabolism won’t go up much and you won’t reach your fat loss goals.  I have a friend whose 2.5 year old little girl has to be held back from using more than 5 lb you certainly can do way more than you are doing.

Eating – no matter how great your workouts are...if your diet sucks then you will not get any noticeable results in terms of weight can eat your way through any workout  program.  In fact, there have been studies done where people worked out on the same program for 12 weeks and the ones who didn't change their diets only lost 1.5 lbs...hardly worth the hours spent working out!

You can't have your cake & eat it too.

I see discs popping out now.
Technique - hey walk into any gym or health club and you’ll see all kinds of people doing things that look very strange….things that will cause injuries eventually…poor form….usually out of ignorance, because no one has ever taught them correctly…if you do an exercise incorrectly you won’t get the benefits you should…you may get hurt over time (most injuries don’t happen because of one exercise done with poor form…they happen because of chronic poor form over periods of time)…there are finer points and details for performing all exercises (depending on your goals) that you won’t just “figure out” on your own from seeing a video or reading a magazine…learn to do it right and reap the benefits without getting hurt!

The old adage “pay me now or pay me later” most certainly applies here!  

Your goals, your choice, your results.  Take action now…not later!

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