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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Strange Parallels Between Vegas and Weight Loss

"Good morning, how are you feeling?" or "This Vegas, can I see your ID?"

Both of these were either overheard or said to me on my 31.5 hour door to door Vegas trip this past Tuesday/Wednesday morning.  Hey even though it was a day it felt like a week....

First things first...keep in mind that the week leading up to the trip I ate no fruit, no starchy carbs and drank a about a gallon of water a day...hmmm maybe I should write this plan out and call it the Vegas Prep Diet!?!? 

(Fitness tip #1(this post has to relate to fitness some how):  always eat something in the morning right after you wake up, preferably protein and non-starchy carbs)

OAK at 5am
Okay, so we get up at 3:30am for a 6:15 flight out of Oakland...for those of you who haven't flown out of OAK on super early sucks because there are tons of people there and you need to get there by 5!  So naturally, I pack last minute, the night before and morning of...I'm not a big planner when it comes to traveling...spontaneity is the operative word here.  3.5hours of sleep and I'm sure that you're just like me eating leftover peas and chicken breast standing half-asleep in the kitchen before leaving for the airport.  And oh cup of coffee with coconut oil (this gives you amazing energy)!

We leave at 4:15 or maybe 20 by the time I get everything and run back in to grab the supplement pills I forgot....(hey you're going to need probiotics and systemic enzymes in Vegas) we get to the problem...park...and get on the plane.  And of know you can't forget to check-in on Facebook at the airport so everyone else whose getting up and going to work can be jealous that you're going somewhere fun while they are dragging their butts to work!

So when I get to Vegas..I find out via Facebook that a guy I know is on the same we say hey in the baggage claim....and then...(remember this is my first time in Vegas)...

we walk through the automatic doors at the airport and it feels like you're walking directly into a 300 degree oven...and it's not even 8am!  Okay, so you know it's crazy hot when the outdoor hotel shuttle kiosks have air conditioning blasting and standing in front of them feels like you're in front of a freezer!

We get to the hotel, check our luggage in...remember it's only 8:30 am....then after we walk about 10 steps in the sun I'm like I don't have a hat...sunscreen or sunglasses...and I'm already sweating profusely in the heat.
hiding from the sun at the crosswalk

(Fitness tip #2:  If you want to lose weight quickly go to Vegas and work out outdoors every day for a'll be burning up literally and figuratively)

After paying through the nose for these necessary items at CVS we hit the casinos...being it was a weekday the casinos were filled with "regulars" doing their thing....

What I came to realize throughout the time in Vegas is that there are very interesting parallels between the Vegas experience and the weight loss experience of most people.

You're asking yourself, how is it that Vegas has anything to do with weight loss?

I'm saying it certainly does....why do people go to Vegas...the bottom line is they go there to feel better!

Yeah there is gambling, shows, indulgence, extravagance etc....why do people do these things...because they believe there's a chance it will make them feel better than they do in their every day life.  Everything in Las Vegas from the lights, hotels, casinos, restaurants, colors, words, signs, people, and shows, is designed to engage your mind and senses and take you away from the reality of your life and make you feel better....and give you a taste of possibilities that could make your life different.
you don't want to know what he's taking a photo of

If you've ever done much gambling (I did a little and lost a pay to be entertained and watch people I've concluded lol), you know how the games are designed to keep you playing with little wins here and there.  There are free drinks, beautiful people and all the glitz and glam at just the right time in just the right places to keep you coming back for more.

yes this is what it looks like

These same things are what you see with the weight loss industry's products, pills and can't watch tv or go anywhere without being bombarded with the latest greatest thing that will help you lose fat, have a dream body and a better life.  From the celebrity endorsers to the beautiful people in ads, on packages, in displays....everyone goes from sad, frumpy and unhappy to gorgeous, stylish and living their best life with renewed confidence.

But, is this really the case?  Of course not...most people who buy these products or services never get these kind of results....and the reason is simple...they don't take action....consistent, correct action!  Most people are looking for shortcuts...lose fat fast and keep it off with this device, program or simple solution. 

What's it really take?  Long term lifestyle change...working out so you can eat whatever you want (not that there's anything wrong with that) isn't going to turn your body into a 25 year old model!  Instead you would have to do all of the uncomfortable things that only a few workout when you don't want right when everyone is hassling you to eat junk all the time.  Not that you can't have cheat days....but when you want to lose 20 don't get a cheat day!

this is my cheat day...I'm in Vegas

Do you realize that 100 extra calories a day will cause a 10lb weight gain in 1 year!!!...and 100 calories isn't very many!!!

(Fitness tip #3:  consistent discipline and hard work over time...produce the results most people want to achieve... but fall short of because the desire for instant gratification is so strong) 

We all want the things's human just work to fight those tendencies.

hey man think I should ask her out
The same with many in Vegas, looking for the get  rich quick gambling, or meet the person of their dreams (I'm thinking of the Pussycat Dolls Casino in Caesars where the dealers are provocatively dressed women...and no surprise here...most of the players are men...I honestly think a good number of them think if they play at these tables they might get a date with one of the hot dealers...NOT going to happen).  Losing a few hundred bucks playing blackjack isn't going to score you a date!  And NO I didn't sit down at these tables!

As most people know, becoming wealthy, successful and happy in life takes hard work and a consistent mindset that drives behavior leading to these things.  Overnight success is rare if not non-existent!  Hey, look at lottery winners....most are broke in 5 years. (Money certainly doesn't = happiness)

only walk indoors

And this post is getting way too damn long so I'm going to stop now and let you watch the video I made...if you haven't been to the Vdara Hotel and Spa in should stay there...esp if you aren't into gambling and want to be healthy (no smoking here and no casino)....others are close by though ;)

The rest of the trip was's the 5 second rundown

Wolfgang Pucks Restaurant Venetian = Great Margarita and food...weird waiter...don't sit at a corner table

Bobby Flays Restaurant Caesars =  Great food...but make reservations...if you want steak split it...who eats 22oz of steak!?!

Celine Dion =  Phenomenal...if you have any appreciation of music you'll love it...she happened to have Stevie Wonder there on she's in awesome shape!

Afternoon Nap = best idea ever

Shuttle back to airport = don't show up for the shuttle at 6:50 when your flights at 7:15...we didn't do this...another lady did!

This is a little bit expensive = some naive 20 something commenting to his mom about the $10 price of breakfast at an airport restaurant (when is the last time this guy was ever in an airport)!

Put $1 in the airport slot machines = Last thing  you should do before might win...wth

Just don't come home looking like this guy!

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