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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Learn Fat Loss Secrets From BART?

Now if you live outside of the SF Bay Area you are probably asking, what the heck is BART?

…it’s basically the light rail train that takes people all over the bay area for super reasonable fees.  And being that I ride BART at least a couple times per week to SF to teach Zumba classes at a women’s shelter for my nonprofit Lifting Up Lives….which by the way you should check out…I see A LOT of things, strange and otherwise

who is this masked marauder?

Plus I have plenty of time to develop weird associations between public transportation and fitness.  I know, a bit different, but it makes for interesting reading!

Your saying to yourself, “What the heck can anyone learn about fat loss from BART?"

Here you go…

First of all, what makes hundreds of thousands of people from business professionals to the downtrodden ride these trains every day (besides the horrible traffic)???

Consistency…all bad experiences aside…95% of the time the train arrives when it’s supposed to and gets you where you’re going when it says it will.  Here comes the biggest secret to fat loss, which you already know but often push aside, and that is…

CONSISTENCY -  in order for you to lose fat you have to be consistent with your behaviors in the areas of eating, exercise, rest and so forth.  The degree to which you are consistent will be directly related to the degree to which you get the fat loss results you want.  Just like the degree to which BART is consistent is the degree to which BART will have adequate riders to keep operating.  Just FYI, BART is one of the only public transit operations in the US that actually has a surplus of funds….and consistency definitely has a lot to do with it. 

BART also keeps it’s trains running all the time…they don’t sit idle at stations for long…the more they move the more money they make…in fact, this is so important that a computer controls them… So the second lesson is…

MOVEMENT – you have to move and do so enough, in the right way and speed in order to burn fat…like BART, you can’t always go top speed or your going to have a problem and on the other end of the spectrum you can’t go too slow or you’ll have other problems.  Moving burns calories and this is what  you need to do to increase the number of calories you burn…just make sure you do it in the right way.  (Hint:  lifting weights is more important than doing cardio if you want to lose fat)

Finally, much to the dismay of a whole lot of people who would like to go to the city on the weekend and NOT have to DRIVE if they want to stay past midnight, BART shuts down for a few hours each day.

Side note…I’m on BART right now and there is this oddly dressed guy who appears as if he  just walked out of rehearsal for a musical... that’s dancing around in the aisle with a computer bag death gripping a book while wearing headphones…it sounds like he has tap shoes on every time the train suddenly slows down or speeds up and he has to dance around to keep his balance.

I love practicing my fancy footwork on BART

Guess what that last secret to fat loss that you can learn from BART.  NO, it’s not dancing in the aisles….it’s that you have to allow time for

REST & REPAIR-  BART has to clean (this is debatable at times) trains, repair ones that aren’t doing
so well, and do maintenance on others and give employees time to recover. 

You need to do this too, and especially if you want to lose fat.  If you have 8 million things going on and are running around like a chicken with its head cut off chances are your stress levels and therefore your hormone levels are out of whack…and that is the quickest way to bring fat loss to a grinding halt!  High stress and little sleep means more body fat.

It's time for some hardcore multi-taskingggggggg

This is an area where BART can help….time to sleep when you ride (it’s safe most of the time)…and you get a chance to see some of the weirdest and funniest individuals you never thought you’d see. 

Check out a few of my sightings below…if you’re a bit uptight right now, and even if you’re not these will definitely make you laugh, lower your stress and get you on the path to faster fat loss.

Uggs and basketball shorts...stylin!
3 Interviews this week, no callbacks...can't figure it out

All thanks to BART you now know the 3 keys to effective fat loss...remember them like this consistent movement and rest makes you look best….and I’m approaching my final destination…doors are closing, please stand clear of the doors!   

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