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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Go Ahead...Drink More's ok

to drink coffee (the 2nd most popular beverage in the world) each day.

In fact I have at least a 16oz cup of coffee every morning (what I put in my coffee gives you amazing energy without any funky weird taste or unhealthy calories)!  I pretty much guarantee you haven't added it to your coffee ever before.

I know you're wondering what I put in my coffee...I'll get back to that in a minute.  Here's a little side info for those curious types...did you know the earliest evidence of coffee drinking goes all the way back to 15th century Yemen!

I guess people needed their pick me up then...even though they didn't have Ipad's or Iphone's something else kept them from getting enough sleep...leave comments about what you think kept people up at night in 15th century Yemen and wanting their coffee back then.  I'm looking for interesting comments here ;)

So is it healthy or not?  Well it all depends how your body reacts to it, everyone is different...just like in about every other aspect of life.  One size fits all just doesn't work.  If you metabolize it slow (i.e. you stay wired for hours, get jittery etc) then you should minimize consumption as it could have negative effects on you.  This is about half of people.

Now here is the big question and popular thought propagated by many....even by me for a long time...


Recent research indicates that up to about 5 8oz cups a day doesn't cause fluid electrolyte imbalance.

Just don't drink too darn much of the stuff...and there can be many other cool health benefits...the link at the end will let you read more details if you want!

So here's the bottom line...and then I'll tell you what I put in my coffee (not sugar, creamer...blah blah)

Coffee can have benefits...but dosage matters...more is not necessarily better and all of your favorite additives...(see above :)) diminishes those benefits.

So go black and you won't go back!  (no pun intended....where is your mind at?)

How much to drink?
1-3 cups of coffee a day is your best bet to reap the benefits.

So there you have it...I know you've been dying to know what I put in my coffee....COCONUT OIL!

I buy International Harvest brand at Whole Foods
It's super healthy medium chain triglyceride fats that your body burns for energy, not store for coconut oil has a lot of other health benefits like boosting weight loss, improving your skin, making you feel better mentally and more.  You have to have fats and this is a great one.  And no it doesn't taste like coconut in your coffee....try it and you'll feel supercharged for your day!

Want to read more details about coffee click here

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