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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sugar And It's Affects On Our Health

Sugar is a substance that everyone encounters on a daily basis, it is in all types of food. Though it may be small doses, you are still taking in some sugar. New studies have recently shown that sugar is not good for us at all. Eating sugar in excess can lead to diabetes, obesity and even addiction.

Some people are becoming addicted to sugar, whether its in a drink, or in a snack they absolutely feel as if they have to have it. And once addicted to something, it is very difficult to stop. It is simply in everything that we are consuming, jams, jelly, cakes, molasses and even chewing gum. Though there are different types for each particular food product, it is still a major problem.

Though we all do need a little bit of sugar in our bodies on a daily basis, it seems as if product companies are increasing the doses. By increasing the doses, you are simply getting more than what you need. By drinking two glasses of fruit juice you are getting twice as much than recommended. The same goes with eating two cupcakes instead of one, more is not better especially when it comes to your health.

Addiction can arise if someone sees the need to constantly consume a sweet beverage or a sweet food. If you find yourself constantly craving a sweet food or a beverage, then you may have become addicted. It is all in your brain, as people become addicted to drugs, people can become addicted to sugar as well.

If you haven't had any sugar for a few days and you are noticing symptoms of your body not behaving as it usually does, it may be withdrawal. Some studies and research have shown that becoming addicted to sugar, may lead to other substance addictions as well.

If you are obese, then your chance of having diabetes is that much higher. Then if your eating habits don't change then the risk will only increase as well. Try eating more vegetables and less sweet sugary foods, your overall health will thank you for it in the long run.

By eating more fruit with their own natural sweetness, you are reducing the risk of addiction, obesity and diabetes as well. If you feel as if you are craving a cupcake, don't feed into the temptation grab an apple or a banana. Stop drinking as many sodas, and don't buy as many bottled fruit juices. If you make your own juice, you are removing all the sugars and other additives and replacing the nutrients back in the beverage. Only you can change your eating habits so that you will be able to live a long healthy life.

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