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Monday, May 28, 2012

Effects Of Nicotine On Fitness

Nicotine is a chemical that is a component of tobacco. Tobacco products that are chewed produce the same physiological effects as smoking because nicotine is water soluble and can be absorbed through the skin.

We all know (or we should know) that smoking is not good for your health or the health of people around you but most of us do not know what the effects of nicotine and fitness, how endurance and nicotine are related, or much about smokers fitness.

If you go to the gym, walk, run, or play team sports you have seen people who smoke before and after a workout or a game. You may have seen people who use smokeless tobacco products during exercise. If you play team sports you might have noticed some of the effects of nicotine and fitness on your team members who smoke or use tobacco in other forms.

People who are really into fitness usually assume that nicotine and fitness just do not go together. However, nicotine does produce some temporary effects that enhance athletic performance in the short term. These short term effects do not outweigh the detrimental effects that long term use of tobacco has on a person’s overall health or the increased chances of having cancer.

Nicotine does produce short term chemical stimulation that produces energy bursts. The temporary energy shot may last as long as two hours but the chemical reactions that produce the extra energy also suppress the body’s natural production of pain relieving and sleep inducing enzymes. Nicotine also produces fat reduction through the dopamine reward system.

Recent research has demonstrated that smokers fitness is enhanced by any form of exercise and that smokers who do participate in regular exercise have a lower risk of having cancer than people who smoke and do not exercise. A regular strenuous fitness routine was also found to benefit smoker's ability to avoid common diseases like colds and the flu. Smokers fitness is not complimented by the other damage smoking does to your body or the risk of having lung cancer, throat cancer, or mouth cancer.

Endurance and nicotine just do not go together. Smokers fitness is reduced by an increased and long term shortness of breath caused by smoking. Smokeless tobacco and nicotine supplements are also detrimental to smokers fitness because nicotine increases your heart rate but that heart rate increase does not result in increased stamina.

Smokers fitness would be best enhanced by giving up the habit completely. The substitution of nicotine replacement gums for cigarettes does not remove the harmful effects of nicotine. Real fitness should allow the natural chemical systems of the body to do their work without the harmful stimulation of nicotine in any form.

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