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Monday, April 16, 2012

Red Meat: Not The Villain You Think

There are many people all over the world, who don't eat red meat. Whether it's for religious purposes or just by choice, some people don't eat it. They feel as if it's bad for you, and that it can cause certain ailments such as cancer and diabetes. That is most definitely not always the case. If you don't over-do it, there simply won't be any ill effects on you or your health. When eating any type of meat always remember all things in moderation. Never overindulge on anything, no matter how much you enjoy it.

Red meat is not bad for you if you enjoy it in moderation, it is quite healthy actually. Many studies that have concluded that red meat is bad for you in the past, are now changing up their tunes a little bit. There is no evidence available anywhere that specifically says that red meat is the cause of any one person getting diabetes or any other particular type of ailment. There are many people that have been eating red meat for years, who are the picture of health. As long as you eat fruits and vegetables and have some type of exercise regimen, you will be fine.

But instead of buying the fattier cuts of red meat, purchase the more lean option. And always ask your butcher if the meat is grass fed or organic. Grass fed beef is always the best option when purchasing any type of beef. Though it will cost you a bit more, it's definitely worth it. As the nutritional value is greatly increased.

There are many different companies that just specialize in grass fed cattle and other animals as well. Buying grass fed beef will definitely increase the quality of the meat, along with the leaner cuts as well.

There are also a few ways to know when you are purchasing quality red meat. If you notice that the color is a slight greyish or any color other than red, it could mean the meat was exposed to light which would indicated incorrect curing processes. If the red is a lot more darker than normal, that could be a sign that animal was under stress beforehand. And if you ever have any questions about red meat quality you can always ask the butcher.

You should only be eating a portion of red meat about the size of your fist. One to two times per week, you should be filling your dinner plate with other things the other nights of the week. You should have variations in what you are eating. But always remember everything in moderation.

And the way you are preparing the meat is another factor as well, grilling red meats is a very healthy option. Or using a slow-cooker instead of just frying them all the time. But the way you eat anything depends upon you and your specific likings.

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