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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fat Loss for a Lifetime?

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar business with all sorts of pills, potions and fat burning systems hitting the market on a daily basis. The fact that the majority of those quick fix promising methods disappear as quickly as they came does nothing to dissuade the general public from believing that the newest one will be better than the last. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that none of those systems are ever likely to work, especially not over the long haul, and not enough people understand that the only way to lose weight is to adopt a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.

One such person who does understand is Mark Rogers, a fitness professional who focuses on personal training in the Tri-Valley area. The issue of obesity is on a global scale, but true help starts at home, so Mark has his skills finely tuned to help you lose fat in Pleasanton, California, where he lives and works. His 3 areas of expertise are helping people with fat loss, reducing stress and toning up, and by passing on his knowledge over the past 10 years he has helped many Pleasanton residents accomplish their goals.

Many wonder if fat loss can be maintained over the course of a lifetime, and although the simple answer may be yes, the truth is a little more complex.  Many people yo-yo between obesity and weight loss because they don’t understand that reaching a goal does not mean they’re done, but rather just beginning a lifestyle centered upon health and fitness.  The best way to get around the yo-yo factor is by understanding that complete health, both in mind and body, and not focusing on the fat is the only way to lose weight and keep it off for life.

It all begins with changing the eating habits that have put you in the position of being overweight; cutting out the fatty foods and reducing the number of carbs that you consume, this can be done by finding healthy alternatives to the foods that you love.  Replace those candy bars and salty snacks with fruits and veggies, which will not only help you meet your required daily intake of both, but will also help you avoid those major sugar highs and crashes associated with too much sugar intake.  Fiber also plays an essential part in a healthy, properly functioning body, and taking in at least 25g per day will help keep you running regular.

Exercise is vital, particularly if you have lived a sedentary lifestyle for a while, start off slowly by walking a half hour per day, or even cycling to work if you live close.  Better yet, think about how much money you have wasted on those “lose fat quickly” systems discussed earlier, and instead of throwing more money at a lost cause, put it to better use by hiring a personal fitness trainer, like Mark Rogers, who can customize a training and nutrition program that will have you choosing a lifestyle based approach to fitness in no time flat.
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