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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pleasanton Fitness and Fat Loss Seem so Hard!

Although everyone knows they need to work out and the benefits and everything else that goes along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, its hard to push oneself to that level.  People often regret not getting out of bed just thirty minutes before they need to just to get in that ever-important thirty minutes of exercise.  Even with the alarm set, there is something so relaxing about laying in bed for “just five more minutes”.  What makes this lazy attitude more awful, is knowing how great one feels when they do exercise, even as few as three times during the week.  One can beat themself up over this, all the while knowing the truth is that they avoid taking care of themself for the same reasons most people do: it just seems like too much work.  But really, when one understands the importance of exercise, the benefits, and how to make it a simple task, it becomes very easy to incorporate into their daily lives.
    Why is it so important to exercise?  Physical  activity can help one stay in shape and achieve balance in one's life in general.  And, when you learn to exercise the right way for the right reasons, there is no greater physical benefit.  Being accountable, learning self-discipline and improving self-worth are just some of the benefits that come along with a regular workout routine.
    In order to get the maximum benefits from exercise, it's important to learn the proper way to exercise.  This can be accomplished with the help of a local Pleasanton personal trainer.  However, here are some tips if you choose to go it alone, make sure to breathe (no breath holding).  Make sure to do some type of warm-up before working out and a cool down afterward.  Stretch one's muscles helps prevent strains and injuries; there is no better way to halt one's progress than an injury.  Most importantly, one can always do more than they think they can't, push a little more and at least break a sweat during the workout.
    For even better results, and to make working out fun, seek out opportunities to work out, don't let become a nagging item on the to-do list.  Wear a pedometer and look for opportunities to walk; spend some time walking on a lunch break or park farther from the intended destination.  When one chooses the time and place it feels less like a chore.  Also, work on developing a different attitude toward exercising.  If one's work out is ever going to feel like its worth their time, whether it's at home or at a Pleasanton personal training session, its important they feel good about it.  One can start by listing all of the things they love about working out and think about them often, especially just before a work out.  When one sets their own time to exercise and approaches it with a positive outlook, it is simple to turn exercise into playtime.  And soon they will find that working out is not so hard after all.

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