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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pleasanton Diet Craze: An Overview

You would think that dieting would have gone out with the eighties. And yet, here it is-- still with us. From prom night to girl’s night out, women across America depend on all types of diet fads to fit into that ever-important little black dress. But how safe are some of these diets? They cover magazines, invade internet pages and even make there way to the top as number one best sellers for the New York Times in multiple languages. But which ones can be trusted and which ones need to be tossed aside? Its hard to know who to listen to with experts across the country telling women they can slim down and achieve fat loss on everything from grapefruit to cookies.

In this series, we will take an in-depth look at many pop-culture diets and find out their true nutritional value from the Atkins diet to the Ornish diet we will find out if the diet is effective for result seekers, whether the diet is good for your overall wellness and the general pros and cons of each diet program. While exploring these dietary options, let's set a few ground rules first when it comes to selecting a reasonable diet:

First and foremost, it should not come in a cup, jar or can. There are no quick fixes when it comes to developing healthy eating habits for a better body. If you want to loose weight, the primary goal should be to focus on wellness, which mainly comes from a well-rounded selection of good food choices.

It should be balanced. Any diet that is going to benefit the human body must have a few items from each food group to support healthy functions. Besides, you don't want to get bored and give up too soon.  So mix it up!

It should include the nutrients you need. Yes, this includes consuming fresh fruits and veggies on a daily basis. If you have to take supplements to get the vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis, you may want to rethink your eating options.

It should include workout. To accelerate your way to the best results, you've got to get your blood pumping. Exercise is like the icing on the cake to a well planned nutritional plan. And it may well be the key to getting you toned and tightened in the areas where the diet is helping you shed those unwanted pounds. Talk to your physician and a Pleasanton personal fitness trainer to find out how to add a little movement to your diet plan.

It should not be heavy in empty calories like fast foods or junk foods containing large amounts of salt and sugars. Do something good for your body for a change; put down the cookies!

With these simple reminders at hand, let's start considering all of your options regarding dieting. Hopefully, it will help you make wise decisions when you are out and about making plans to change your look and your life!

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