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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Does Your Pleasanton Workout Routine Suck? continued

I decided to look into hiring a Pleasanton Certified Personal Trainer to help me better understand how to get out of this dismal unproductive routine. After all, I value my time and I want results. I hired Mark Rogers. 

We met at the gym in my apartment complex and he proceeded to interview me by asking what I wanted to accomplish. For example, did I want to bulk up as many guys do when their playing contact sports or looking to build large muscle? Was I looking to lose weight?  Was I trying to increase my stamina so I can maintain an active social life? These and many other important questions were discussed before I performed a single jumping jack.

This Q&A process took about 15 to 20 minutes. Then we jumped right into it with two feet (literally). Let me tell you, that first workout was awesome, as in holy s_ _ _ that was an eye opener!    

Following this quick but intense workout I was amazed I could still stand up, I was ready for a long hot shower, but I felt great nevertheless.  Guess what, the entire work out took only 45 minutes, and it was more effective than any workout I had ever done on my own. The idea that performing a high intensity workouts that last as little as 45 minutes, three to four times a week, would allow me to achieve a huge surge in my core strength, create a significant improvement in my cardio health, and result in significant weight loss, absolutely amazed me! 

Mark has taught me it’s not quantity it’s Quality that matters. Mark and I workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays for just under an hour, and the rest of the week I workout on my own using the techniques he taught me.  

I have accomplished things I only dreamt were possible in such a short time. It only takes the willingness to step up and do it. Real results in less than half the time and not a moment of your time wasted on things that do not add value. 

I recommend calling your local Certified Personal Trainer as soon as possible so you too can get off the virtual treadmill of unproductive exercise habits and save yourself both time and money by learning how to really get strong, get in shape and lose weight. Heck, just call Mark Rogers today at 925-931-1120.

John-David Enright
-Satisfied Mark Rogers Fitness Client

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