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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pleasanton Fast Food Diet?

It starts with McDonald's Monday and then on to Taco Bell Tuesdays and on and on and on. From the meals we consume to the snacks in between, controlling our poor eating habits has become a major issue. For many of my clients, creating a basic food log looks like the buffet at a casino on any given Sunday. And it wouldn't be a problem except for the few minor details it effects; like the fact that it's so harmful to their health and the unrelenting fact that its impossible for them to slip into their favorite little black dress for a hot night out on the town. But where does one start when it comes to changing these habits? Sure, someone could go to the bookstore and try and read up on the topic but who has the time for that? There's barely time for Pleasanton moms to catch their breath at the end of each day!
Learning how to eat right takes time, dedication and not to mention a healthy dose of personal honesty. The first step in this journey is to make a decision to change. That means getting serious about what goes in ones mouth. Food is a resource that should energize someone not put them in a television coma. So when they make that decision to eat healthier foods, it is important to leave delusions and excuses behind. Instead of getting their nutrition information from commercial advertisers, its about time we stop to read the side of the box.  Paying more attention to the details, no matter how tedious it can be at first, will in the long run make a huge impact on someone's life....maybe even a life-saving impact. Regardless of is the time to change, not for others, but for oneself.

You can start with the buddy-system it works great for a lot of people, especially when paired up with guidance from a Pleasanton personal training expert. This kind of fitness professional can simplify things and make it easier for one to understand how the human body is affected by all of the different foods one eats. Most importantly, a buddy provides accountability.  This should be someone who cares about you and your body just as much as you do and will not steer you in the wrong direction.  Note to self, don't have your foodie friend be your buddy when it comes to weight loss or your super likely to crash and burn.

When it comes down to it, the most important thing is making eating right a daily habit. This does not mean that someone has to torture themselves and give up all forms of sugars and other various treats over night. This is why one should take a cheat day once a week.  Now, this doesn't mean eat crazy amounts, it means eat whatever you want in reasonable amounts (you know what reasonable honest now).

The trick is to decide to change, find someone to keep you accountable and then follow through....just as in sports, if the follow through sucks then the results will too.

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