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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fitness For the Pleasanton Working Woman

The phones are ringing off the hook, there are papers flying all over the office and your executive assistant has called out sick-- again. 

How can you honestly be expected to take a break, let alone get in your morning work out? 

You're an independent motivated professional Pleasanton woman and your number one priority is to increase the bottom line... along with your paycheck. Your path to the corner office is in clear view and nothing is going to stop you from getting there. This is what you've worked for and you deserve it. But, there is a part of you that wants to stop the world and get off this ride because lately you are so tired, stressed and unhappy with the strain that your professional goal has put on your personal life. 

But what can you do? You've worked so hard to get here. You can't stop now. Your hands are tied, right? Think again, because you can keep your amazing job and focus on healthy lifestyle choices, too. It only takes a few adjustments that you can start on right away.

First, make a personal promise to yourself to put your health first. It's the little things you already know that will make a big difference, like choosing to eat a healthy breakfast and getting to sleep at a decent hour. 

Make sure that the promise is clear and reasonable enough to achieve. For example: I will work with a local Pleasanton personal trainer three times a week or I will bring my walking shoes to work and spend 30 minutes of my lunch break taking in some fresh air. Once you set the goal, do your best to stick to it at all costs. 

Is there a project due at noon? Then take a walk around your Pleasanton neighborhood before you leave for the office that day. Don't give yourself any excuses. Remember, this is the vow you made to yourself; you deserve the benefits you'll reap from the follow-through.

Realize that you are worth it. That sounds so simple. But when is the last time you actually thought about that? Everyone deserves a break, especially when you are a hard working Pleasanton career women. You give everything you have for your next promotion and for your company by sacrificing your personal time to make it all happen. But it's time you shift focus for a bit and start paying attention to the hub of your world- you! With all the time and energy you put into everything else, it only makes sense that you take time to focus on yourself. Your body-- and your career-- will thank you for it.

Then, most importantly, select a fitness plan that fits your needs. There are tons of options when it comes to focusing on your health; from fitness videos to women-only gyms to personal trainers. Put in some time to think about how you work best and then select that plan. Keep in mind your personality, learning style and weight-loss goals so that you make the best choice. You are a unique woman with special needs, and your workout should reflect that.

Make yourself a promise and realize that you deserve to have your workout created just for you by the number one personal trainer in Pleasanton.   Having this in mind you can go back into that office refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes your way-- flying papers and all.

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