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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pleasanton Parents Do As They Say....and Do - Part I

As residents of, and business owners in, the Pleasanton/Dublin California communities, my wife and I have had the opportunity to work and live among some of the nicest people around.  We are also parents of two young children, so as you can imagine we find that our days are filled with shuttling one or both of our children to and from their many athletic events, dance practices and school functions.

The Pleasanton/Dublin area is not unlike many other small cities. Cities where education and community athletics rank near the top of the important must haves. As parents we certainly recognize the value in raising our children with a balanced focus on eating healthy and being physically fit. That said, it’s not always easy to keep children motivated when it comes to maintaining the schedule of physical activity needed to build a strong foundation. We feel a strong foundation is so important, especially if you want them to grow into healthy adults.
Often, my wife and I will sit and discuss how we can best create a home atmosphere that encourages such a positive, healthy outlook on physical fitness and proper diet, an atmosphere that encourages and motivates our children to want to be proactive about their fitness. Hands down we both agree, she and I must lead our children by example.

It was true for me growing up. My father was a very active man who would often take me running along the beach, or beside the Cape Code Canal, or even through the woods behind our home. He would talk to me about the importance of eating right and becoming physically fit. He certainly led me by his example, and I followed as a willing participant in my own health and fitness education. My wife recalls having a very similar experience with her parents.  So, for us it’s about leading our children down the road of health and fitness by first setting the example. We do not feel it is enough to simply dictate, or even suggest to our children that they must work to become healthy and fit young people if we ourselves are unwilling to follow our own advice.

That said, it’s not easy to find the time in our very busy schedules to hit the gym or even find the open road and run a few miles a day, and we certainly don’t have time to join any of the local adult athletic leagues. So that was our dilemma, how can we find the time to do these things? 

.....Continued on Wednesday

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