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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year’s Resolution-Revolution

That’s right it’s Resolution time…….

Ah, Resolution time, a time when we clean the slate and look forward towards the next 365 days. 365 Days that will consist of positive action and our steadfast commitment to achieving our goals, or will they? When I reflect on the New Year’s resolutions I’ve made over the years I can count on one hand how many of them I’ve actually succeeded in following through with. I’ve also found that I’m not alone in this lack of success. You see, I’ve given this subject quite a bit of thought, and after discussing this with many of my friends and family I believe I have the answer. It’s not that we are weak minded or lack the focus needed to keep those sacred promises each of us make on that faithful evening filled with champagne and dancing, but rather it’s our neglecting to include a tangible “working” plan for how to achieve the objective of that resolution that impedes us.

A simple example of a Resolution that we often fail at, and one that many of us have made in the past, is the following; “This year I will lose weight and get into shape.” Now, that sounds like a great Resolution, and it is, however, how many people actually accomplish this? The answer is, very few. Why, because too often we make resolutions like this without having a clear plan in place. I live and work in the Pleasanton, Dublin California area. During this time of year I see so many advertisements for specials and discounts on Health Club memberships. Many of them advertise “Make this year’s Resolution a Healthy one, etc.” Pleasanton Health Clubs are great for many things; however, what many of us need to understand is that true weight loss and fitness can only be achieved by implementing a well defined plan of action. We also need a plan that fits “our” goals and educates us on how best to maintain our weight loss and fitness goals. We all have our own unique goals, and we all have bodies that differ from one another, so it makes sense that we would need a simple yet customized plan that will help each of us achieve our own goals.

A Gym or Health Club is simply a constructed building that houses some of the tools needed to execute our personal plan. However, it is the Certified Personal Trainer that provides us with the plan and with additional motivation to succeed. Imagine for a moment that your New Year’s Resolution is to fly yourself to Hawaii, that’s right, actually fly the plane to Hawaii. Sounds like a great Resolution to me. So you rent a beautiful plane, load your bags and jump into the Pilot’s seat. Ok, now what? Well, you have the Plane, your luggage and the time so why can’t you fly to Hawaii? The answer is obvious; you must first learn to pilot the plane. This requires that a Certified Flight Instructor work with you to develop your personal flight training plan and to also support you in the process of learning to fly. Only then will you be able to achieve the object of this Resolution. We must have a plan that will properly prepare us to meet the objective of our Resolution. So, if this New Year’s Resolution list includes losing weight and or getting fit, and you are serious about it, call a local Pleasanton Certified Personal Trainer like Mark Rogers to quickly and inexpensively provide you with a personal plan, and ensure you make this New Year a “Resolution Revolution.”

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