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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting FIT “Organically” Part II

Now, let’s look at the food I have been consuming here in the United States.  I pulled everything out of my refrigerator, my freezer, my pantry and my cupboards. 

What did I find? Not a single Organic product. I traced the beef, chicken, milk and cheese to “Factories”, not to local family owned farms. These factory farms, aka processing plants, feed the cows and chickens Genetically Modified Corn, (Cows are not supposed to eat Corn it makes them sick), they pump them with Growth Hormones and Antibiotics. The chickens I’ve been buying in the store come from huge, dark, enclosed warehouses that house tens of thousands of them in tight poorly ventilated areas. They stagger and wobble, and in many cases cannot even walk because they pump them so full of hormones their little legs cannot support their abnormally oversized bodies. 

Vegetables and fruits are sprayed with deadly pesticides that soak into the soils and eventually become part of the plant we eat.  I also discovered that ”Natural” does not necessarily mean it’s “really” natural. The FDA does not actually have a legal definition for Natural Food. So the corporations can call it natural and we the consumer are actually consuming Hormones, Deadly Pesticides, Genetically Modified Products, Animal Antibiotics and much more.  So I thought to myself,  It must be the Food.  If it makes a Cow Fat and a Chicken three times is normal size in half the time, certainly it must be effecting me.

Ok, now that I know it’s the food what can I do? 

I decided to experiment. For one month I purchased and ate only 100% Certified Organic food. I wanted to see if I would actually feel better, have more energy, and lose weight. I did not reduce the amount of food I ate, only eat Organically. I went to Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, and to my surprise, found lot’s of Organic food at Safeway and Costco. Low and behold when the month was up I felt fantastic, I lost weight and my energy levels were back where they should’ve been. 

As a result of this experience, I decided the two best things I’ve done for myself in 2010, were to begin working with Mark Rogers my Pleasanton Personal Trainer, and eat only 100% Organic food. It’s important to work with a fitness trainer in Pleasanton who understands how to help you achieve your goals, and it’s equally important to avoid foods that destroy your health and surely decrease your quality of life. In my opinion these two things go hand and hand. Like clean air and pure drinking water are necessary for survival, proper exercise and eating Organically are the building blocks for good health and a long life.

I’m committed to Getting Fit…..”Organically”.

John-David Enright - Satisfied Mark Rogers Fitness Client                                                                 

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