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Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting FIT “Organically” Part I

5 Weeks ago I was working in my office in Pleasanton California, and I was thinking about the recent workout I had with my new pleasanton personal fitness trainer, Mark Rogers. I was thinking how challenging it was, and how much stronger I have become in just the three short weeks since I have been under his guidance. I’ve already lost weight, and I feel healthier then I have in quite some time.

I was also thinking I’ve always been a person who likes to exercise and typically run a few miles a day, 4 days a week. I had always tried to include some form of weight lifting regiment into my routine as well. However, for most of 2010 I’d been unable to lose weight. I’d also been feeling fatigued more often. I kept asking myself, why can’t I lose weight? Why am I fatigued all the time? Let me think, I don’t eat a lot of junk food. I could get more sleep, but it’s not like I’m out late every night. Ok, I am 42, but come on that’s not that old. What is it then? I recalled the times when I was able to lose weight, and when I did have more energy. It was always when I was living and working in Mexico. Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel to Mexico for business. I would stay for 1 to 2 years at a time then return home. You’re probably thinking I drank the water and lost the weight fast. Thankfully that’s not it at all. So why was this happening. The last time I lived In Mexico, with the same exercise routine as always, I lost more than 25lbs in 14 months, and had tons of energy and stamina. Then the day came and I return to the United States. Within a year of my return I gained most, if not all, of it back. To top it off, my energy levels also plummeted. Enough is enough, I set out to figure out why this kept happening.

I thought about the stress levels, maybe that was it. Nope, I speak fluent Spanish, enjoy the culture and have always managed my time well. After all, stress might account for the weight loss but certainly not the increased energy. Then it dawned on me, could it be the food? As I recall, while living in Mexico I ate as much, if not a bit more, than I did in the United States. I happen to love Mexican cuisine and there’s certainly no shortage of places to eat anytime you find yourself hankering for a bite. So if it’s not the quantity, possibly it’s the quality of the food. During my stays in Mexico I lived outside of the Major Cities, mostly in small to medium sized pueblos (towns). Here the food is grown mostly by local farms and ranches. The food prepared in the local restaurants is purchased at the local Mercado, (Farmers Market). I called my friends who live in Mexico full time and asked them to look into the markets to see how the food is grown or raised. To my surprise it is all 100% Organically grown or raised.

This means no Sulfur added to the soil, no Pesticides, no Hormones, no Genetically Modified seeds for the growing of Corn, Wheat, Rice, Beans etc. The Cattle, Chicken, and all other meat or milk producing livestock are free range and grass fed. They are not injected with antibiotics of any kind. I was informed that these local farmers and ranchers let them roam the fields and do not confine them to pens or cages, and use no hormones or antibiotics. It seems the food I was eating was in fact, Organic. The milk, the fruit, the vegetables, the juice, the meat, the eggs, the cheese, the bread, everything was fresh and chemical free.

Part II coming Wednesday.....

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